Friday, November 22, 2013

Mechs and tons of Conversion Possibilities for YOUR Tau and AdMech! From Paulson Games!

TJ here to talk about a Miniature Company we here at DFG have been fans of for a very long time, Paulson Games, who recently have been hard at work building up an incredible selection of Mechs, weapons and accessory bits that not only look great on their own, but also in conversions with your favorite games system, whether you are looking to spruce up that Tau Commander, create some AdMech or add some big guns to your Infinity models. Let's take a look at what he has to offer (lots of pics):
Alright, we will start with the mech weapons, then go to the mech accessories, then look at the mechs themselves. If you have any questions about scale (he gives you the measurements for each bit) or price (which are very reasonable, compared to other 3rd party dealers), please check out Paulson Games.

This is the long beam gun, which is huge and could look very cool in the hands of a Riptide!

This is the Medium Beam gun, another great, huge weapon!

The Mech Dual Laser looks very cool and I can imagine this along with the some additional bits making for a great commander!

A very cool energy shield!

The Heavy Flame Thrower is super cool and I can imagine adding one of these to my Necron converted Dreadknight model!

There are assortments of cool looking rail weapons like these ...

and a vicious looking chain gun like this one! This underslung gun looks so badass!

One of the missile launcher variants.

The single barrel laser

This is the 54mm Mech sized Beam Rifle, which is just as cool looking as its big brother.

Here is the underslung missile launcher.

Now we get into the accessory parts. I know Paulson makes these bits for his own Mecha Front game, but these are great heads for suits, suit commanders and for Admech stuff. Check out this one and the one below:

Tired of your mech having guns attached to their arms? What about having a mech carry a rifle, Avatar style! I think this is awesome. Paulson makes two styles of this giant sized rifle and even has pistols for Mechs too! These bits would be great for anybody still playing 54mm Inquisitor or who wants to make 54mm models with rifles and pistols, something that is typically hard to find.

Here is another nice touch Paulson adds to the line: Banners. Just like the multiple options he offers his player in terms of weapon mounting, style and position, he also does the same for accessories like these cool mech sized banners.

Here are those Mech sized pistols I told you about, check these out!

Now we have seen all the mech weapons and accessories, let's take a look at these incredible mechs:

The Mech Front line pits the NorAm vs the NeoBloc and the mechs of each army come with a 60mm base and each stands abotu 70mm tall! These mechas look great, particularly the legs (though I do really like the NorAm torso setup as well!

These mech also come with weapons not normally available in the weapons highlighted above. I have included them after these mechs.

Now as a person who plays 40k and has little time for new games, I normally pass on other systems, but these mechs look great and with a good set of rules, I could see a game popping up around them. In any case, I can see where I may go with my AdMech walkers and Tau counts as models! These are amazing for ideas like that!

Knowing Paulson from seeing him at events and talking to him online makes me super proud of the fact he has come this far over the years. He has an entire line of great minis and bits and they look incredible and I can tell you his obsession with quality means you will recieve great models of the highest quality from him no matter what you order.

Going through the mechs and their weapons, I can see so many different conversion ideas and opportunities.

check out the weapon packages available to the Mecha Front Mechs:

One of the first things that struck me was the quad autocannon bits. You rarely find good bits (for only $5!!) that match side-by-side for autocannons and here they are!

Missile launchers and machine guns! (the name of my new garage band)

More missiles!

Xenos weaponry potential oozes from these great weapons!

Another style of autocannon!

More missiles and machine guns!

and finally, a great combo of missile and powerful rifle!

Last but not least, Paulson Games also offers infantry sized rifles.

Infantry sized Beam rifles.

and banners (all four of the same style offered to the mechs.

Overall, getting great conversions bits, mechs and more for reasonable prices (seriously, check it out, we are talking peanuts compared to other companies) is a huge boon. For American hobbyists like myself, it also means we don't have to wait as long as we do from other companies for parts! In any case, I encourage you to check out Paulson Games. Whether you are looking to dive into Mecha Front or maybe even use some of those parts in your conversions, Paulson offers some unique models and bits for a value!

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