Monday, November 4, 2013

Kromlech Bionic bits for Iron Hands and Iron Warriors

TJ here to show off some bits I bought from Kromlech that I think could be useful for the Iron Hands and (for me) the Iron Warriors. These bionic bits are very well detailed, pretty inexpensive and will draw attention to your army!

So when you order, you get two of each of the three arms above (I used on of the bits already).

First up is a large chainsword. I think this could be an excellent piece for a trooper, an un-upgraded Sgt and even a servitor.

The drill could be a fist, sword, axe, whatever. The bits themselves are super impressive with cables and gears and vents all over them, despite the fact that they are Space Marine sized.

The buzz saw is above all my favorite!

It looks awesome and I cannot wait to see it covered in bloody gore. This bit could also be used for any violent legion, chapter, Ork warband, Servitor or well, anything your evil heart desires.

For more of these and other bits, check out Kromlech's store. This range of bits and minis went from being a "maybe" for me, to a mainstay in my bits box and conversions!

Do you have these bits or have you converted anything with Kromlech's stuff. Leave a link so we can check it out!


  1. Not half bad. I've been working on some Mechanicus henchmen in prep for whatever comes out of the Inquisition book (original plan was to use the GK book but a =][= book is even better :D), this is the sort of thing that I definitely need to add a little variety to my models. My FLGS carries Kromlech stuff but their whole 3rd party bits case is down while they restock. Hoping they have some of these when they get their shipment in!

  2. I have the Max-mini version of these (address below). No weapons, but they have some great detail and some nice heads. I haven't used them yet but I was pretty impressed with them. I'll have to pick some of these up, now.

  3. If you're an Ork player, Kromlech is where it is at. The quality of the casting and the resin are both really high. I've got my orks on hold until the next codex, but I'll probably buy a bunch more after that.

    Currently, I own 6 of the Orc Juggernaut (Meganobz), some various bits (such as power klaws) and a number of bits and models for "orked" imperial guard allies. I've always wanted to get a bunch of Clanking Destroyers for "orked" necrons too.