Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inquisition Supplement: Initial Thoughts and Knee Jerk Reactions!

Tj here! let's talk codex Inquisition! This thin little book is pretty cheap so I figured I'd pick it up and share a few insights and initial impressions with you here today. Let's take a look.

If you are a long time GW fan and are familiar with the fluff and history of the inquisition, you can pass on this book if that is all you are looking for, but if rules are what you are after and you play any, ANY imperial codex, then this is for you, since it can battle brother up with you and you can even take a detachment of Xenos scum as well!

Yep, an inquisitors detachment can be taken as a primary detachment or as a "Inquisitorial Detatchment" which doesn't count against your allied detachment, so if you wanted to go nuts, you could take say, Guard, ally in Eldar, then add your inquisitor detachment and be battle brothers with one and allies of convenience with another

The detachment are 1-2 HQ and 0-3 Elites (henchmen) which can count as scoring. A neat little fact here that will likely draw people to this book alone is that you can take a valkyrie as a dedicated transport, which is funny considering you can stick three cheap chuds in it and call it a day. You also get pretty much any other imperial transport option you can imagine except the immolator and the land speeder storm to choose from. For this dog you wondering, basically, these are the henchmen straight from the GK codex.

Another interesting thought is that you can take the inquisitor as your warlord! Their trait table isn't the best, but for armies like Guard, it gives you a cheAp warlord who can hide in some good transport options. As far as HQs go, the inquisitors are pretty close to the selection you get from the GO book, with options to be psykers, have terminator armor etc. I think the real winner here is being able to add two very cheap divination payments into any imperial army. Can you imagine these linked up with wolves and run priests? REROLL ARMY! Imagine that with Tigirius and a Tau buff commander, hahaha!

You can also take servo skulls which will likely be popular as it is cheap and can ruin the day for those new White Scar armies out there as well as armies lime my Khorne Hounds.

You still get options for some named  inquisitors like Coteaz, but nobody New, so no Eisenhorn or anything that interesting. I think you will likely see bare payment inquisitors whites out to armies everywhere soon just for the rerolls with likely some tweaks lime servo skulls or terminator armor to tank wounds or to create favorable deployment conditions. After that, I imagine assault henchmen in land raiders or Chris in a flyer will be popular as well.

Overall, I'd say this book will be popular with imperial players who want to add some good powers to their army, but will be considered a waste of money for pretty much anybody else out there.

That's my two cents from having the book in hand for a few hours. Let me know what your impressions were of the book as well, perhaps it will enhance our collective experience.


  1. Love this. Carpet bombing IG will be very happy. Cheap prescience, servo skulls and a psyocculum anyone? Thudd guns, manticores... Hmmm....

  2. Alright, so looking at it in more depth, Coteaz is once again going to be the busiest man in the galaxy. He is so auto include its ridiculous for any army that can take inquisitor detachments. From there you can take advantage of some cheap throw away scoring (he makes the detachments henchmen scoring).

    1. You and I think exactly the same, TJ.

    2. Crazy, I'm think the cheap servo skull divination caddy is a must too as you mentioned earlier today.

    3. As a matter of fact, this book is going to be huge for the competitive scene. I will say that with no reservations.

  3. What about this? 50 man blob, coteaz, rune priest......stupid good

    Also the grimoire of true names is back. Hello anti daemon in a challenge..

    1. Yeah that book is now dirty dirty in 2 different codexes lol, I'm glad the imperial version is just as brutal, it will be funny to see a grimoired daemon go up against a grimoire toting inquisitor, 3++ vs -5 stat debuff...

  4. From a competitive standpoint the book is crazy good, giving you a ton of options for imperial armies that are pretty damn flexible.

    From an army building, model hoarding perspective I'm overall extremely disappointed. Despite the line that Inquisitors are incredibly customizable, they don't really offer that many options, all but Malleus being stuck with either carapace or power armor, a few shooting attacks, a mastery level, and a few close combat upgrades. They really don't seem more customizable than a space marine captain, and the relics are expensive for really situational upgrades...and only 3? My hope for building an Ordo Xenos inquisitor who feels different and unique now rests in a single book that only does something if my opponent has a xenos race on the table, and is almost certainly a close combat upgrade, even though most inquisitors dont really belong in combat.

    That said, I don't think the biggest issue is the inquisitors. They are good enough and I'm not overall upset about them. What does annoy me is the fact that unless you take Coteaz, henchmen don't score. The whole point of this book for me was to be able to field inquisition forces without Coteaz, but he's still an auto-include. Yes, you can take the inquisition detachment as primary to get them scoring...but then you've limited your main detachment to 3 scoring units and 2 hq's (and I would never take 2 inquisitors, the whole point with them is they operate independently, why would i want 2?) which means even with allies, you have 3 hq's 4 elites, 2 troops, 1 FA and 1 Heavy. This is barely capable of filling 2k points, unless you take land raiders as dedicated transports for everybody.

    Overall, I'm very disappointed, as I must use the GK book to represent my inquisitor and his retinue. I have 6 acolyte squads I've been working on, and I simply can't play with all of them unless I allied 2 inquisiton forces together, and then I'd only have 3 scoring units.

    So, overall the book is great if you are looking to buff an existing army. If you were hoping to take inquisitors as a primary and ally in a unit of sternguard and a librarian with some scouts as your allies as I was, this book is overall a failure and kind of a waste.

    Even stil, I'm glad they're breaking the force org, I just wish they would put out a supplement or digital book with some models next time. Or at least have given us alternate rules for stormtroopers, something.