Saturday, October 5, 2013

This is Hell O' Ween 2013, DFG's Celebration of our Favorite Time of Year!

It is no secret that the authors, friends and readers of Dark Future Games all have an obsession with the Darker Side of the hobby (some more secret than others, but they all love the dark in one way or another). Last year, we decided to celebrate that obsession with a month of posts themed toward the more evil or dark aspects of the games we play. With that being said, we will be exploring that evil side again this month for Hell O' Ween 2013, but before we officially kick things off, let's take a look at a few hits from last year:

We explored GW alternative models from this Hi-Tech version of Perturabo (and conversions on the model) to GW alternative bits that are available to improve all of your evil miniatures in a series called Building a Better.

We ventured into the realms of nightmares with incredible It Came From the Forums posts themed on the most evil projects we could find!

We posted tutorials like the corrupted flesh tutorial used to paint the Great Unclean One above.

I revamped my oldest tank conversion and used it to win an entire Chaos Space Marine Release set (all the new stuff) in a conversion contest on Spikey Bits.

I sculpted a nasty Hellworn, which is now one of my Chaos Heldrakes!

And I ate a ton of candy while enjoying an incredible mustache!

 As you can see, we ran new articles as well as editions of some of our regular features to the tune of the dark side. For all of our 2012 Hell O' Ween coverage (including everything mentioned above and MUCH MORE), check out this link and for more Hell O' Ween 2013, just stick around, there is plenty more to come!!

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