Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MiGT: Charity Army Success!

A quick kudos should be given to Mike for putting togheter the charity raffle that was featured at the MiGT.  This raffle raised over 500$ for the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing Mi.  Their site can be found here.  This community center truely does great work around the east side of Lansing and I was very happy to see them be the benifactors of this charitable event.  The Warhammer community really opened their wallets. We had almost an average of 10$ per person for this which might not sound like a lot but, we were very pleased for so much support from a relatively small event.  

I've posted these pictures just recently but I feel like they need a post of their own.  Its such a great thing when we can come together and give.   Our hobby really is one of excess and to step back and realize that their are people who can't afford groceries for their kids while we pour money into our hobby, and to give a relatively tiny amount of that money to those people is wonderful.

Please consider what you do with your money when a charity raffle is available.  They have grown in popularity and the warhammer community loves them so you're more and more likely to see them.  Next time youre at a GT or Con and you're about to buy a pack of bases for 10$, think about it.  Maybe its time you gave a little to these raffles.  I think all warhammer players can afford to!


  1. I totally forgot that this was going to ANC. I typically don't buy raffle tickets but had I remember I would have bought a bunch. The group does great work.

  2. We're already working on next something for next year. Since there is more time we should have an extra sweet one this time.

  3. I dropped off the money to Joan today at ANC, great group out there. They are in the process of expanding and its coming along great. She wanted me to pass on to all of you Warhammer goons a BIG THANK YOU!

    1. Great job on this Fly and a great cause. If I could, I would love to put a unit together for the army next year. If you have an idea soon, just let me know.

    2. I do, I ran it by Lansing Legion and we're going to do Imperial Fists with Cadian Guard Allies. Going to be SWEET!