Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hell O' Ween It Came From the Forums: Ravenstein's Awesome Vampire Counts and more!

Hello Everyone, Chuck here with a Hell O' Ween themed It Came From the Forums and one of my personal favorites, an awesome Vampire Counts Army from Ravenstein on the Carpe Noctem Forums! Note, he also makes some killer 40k models including the Chaplain Dread above! 

 Ravenstein's army is full of great paint jobs and amazing conversions let's take a look.

A simple conversion yet executed very nicely plus a sweet paint job makes this guy an awesome character or unit filler and the red sticks out nicely in a unit of skeletons.

I have seen a lot of people try to add werewolves to their vampire counts through conversion or third party but Ravenstein really nails it with awesome green stuff work and clever use of a few kits I never thought of combining.  Great stuff!

I love wight lords both rules and fluff wise this one being pure awesome.  Nice conversion work and a great paint job.

These things are a pain to keep on the mortis engine so why not use them for banshees.

Not a fan of the old zombies but these are really nice.

Nice paint job on these fenrisian wolves neat simple and effective.

This wraith is just gorgeous.  I love the subtle effects on the shroud really well done.

GW Fell bats are ugly so why not make some bad ass ones worthy of the fluff.  These do the trick rather nicely.

Two really nice looking units ready for action.

Nice looking vampire lord ready for action

Really sweet Varghulf I can not wait to see it finished.  I hope you all have enjoyed some of Ravenstein's work and please check out more on the Carpe Noctem forums along with a ton of other super spooky Hell  O' Ween themed projects.

See you next time!

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