Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flesh Hounds for the End of Days Army!

TJ here with a unit of Flesh Hounds for my End of Days army! These guys came out a lot cooler than I thought they would when I first started building them. I did a minor amout of green stuff work to each dog and based them on Chris Vinton's special "Infected battlefield" bases. Let's take a look at the models.

So the hounds are obviously Chaos Warhounds which I have had in my bits box for quite some time (yep, 17 dogs in my bits box, we can start my 12 step program now). I gave them their tails, but I have always hated the ears and horns that come in the kit, so I just green stuffed fur on the sides where those goofy things would have gone. As far as paint goes, I wanted the dogs to fit in with the rest of the army thus far and yellow fur was out of the question, so I went with the black/ purple. I started black, then went with Lich Purple, then Genestealer Purple and bam, purple fur.

The flesh is worked from dark reds, dry brushed all the way up to Bleached Bone.

Some of the models have interesting scales and scorpion tails. I chose to was these in the Yellow Shade (can't remember the name), then I highlighted with Flash Gitz. The effect came out really "hot" looking, which looks cool to me next to blue eyes and purple fur.

One thing that really adds a lot to these models are the bases. There are nasty tentacles and little maggots scattered through the base. I thought these were really cool. I painted the maggots my typical moggot colors, but then went with a vibrant set of greens for the tentacles, working with Snot, Scorpion and Flash Gitz respectively.

All the horns and teeth are all Graveyard earth highlighted with a 50/50 graveyard/ bone and then another touch of just Bone.

Here is a look at the models from a tabletop view with those cool bases. I think these are going to look great on the table. So great in fact, I think I am going to build a list around this unit. That will be a tale for another post.

For more of my End of Days army, check out this bunch of posts. Thanks for reading and as always, feedback and comments are always appreciated!

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