Saturday, October 26, 2013

DFG Spotlight: Sam's Salamanders Conversions from the NC Warhammer Gamers Group!

TJ here with a quick Spotlight guest post from Samuel Warner, a local gamer in the N.C. area who is building a great looking Salamanders army, complete with cold ones, drake themes and bits from third party companies like Spellcrow. Check out what he has got going on!

Ok some WIP for my Salamanders... Today my HQs... First up is my Vulcan He'stan (above) nothing crazy just didn't like the way he looked with the weird sidearm spear throwing pose ... 

Also took off the spear head and replaced it with one from a grey knight term halberd.

Next up is my Salamander Librarian using an extra DA/DV Librarian and then some Blood Angel Death Squad legs, Torso and Talbert from Spellcrow, a forgeworld shoulder, a corvus hammer made axe, and finally a Dark Elf Corsair cloak.

And last but not least and updated version of the Salamanders Chaplain Xavier... Using the Chaplain Seraphicus head (with removed DA iconography and added spikes), vanguard vet legs and hammer (a more fitting Vulkan's Sigil), a spellcrow torso, forgeworld shoulder and a sternguard (finecast) shoulder, and then a salvage from ebay: Xavier backpack and Crozius Arcanum (was able to find these separate bits for cheap as a whole Xavier goes for like 80bucks and he needed a makeover anyways).

My Salamander Scout Bike conversion of riding Dark Elf Cold Ones... Or as I like to call them my Scout Outriders... I only have the Sgt almost painted still need to finish some areas then highlights and a wash... need to finish green stuffing some stirrups for the other riders before they get painted.  

-TJ here again, sorry for the text formatting issues, I really tried to get these last two parts out right, but FB comments don't paste well even in plain text.

My Ashfall Chameleon Terminators. Using Lizardmen bits for helmen and storm shield, spellcrow talbards, and forge world shoulders.

My idea and backstory fluff behind them is that not only are they veterans of their chapter proven on the battle field in order to be accepted to wear the Terminator armor they must slay a Basalt Chameleon on their Chapter planet Nocturne. The Basalt Chameleon are fierce lizards that are so named because of their stealth, cunning, and ability to be indistinguishable from the volcanic rock (from which they derive their name) until it's too late. 

Once the veteran slays and brings back the beast they are indoctrinated into the Salamanders Ashfall Terminators named after the volcanic ash that blots out the sun and falls from the sky covering everything with in reach after an eruption, much like the Terminators deep-striking and Stormraven Gunships assaulting in their Terminator cargo.

Instead of the standard helmet of other chapters theirs is modeled after the Basalt Chameleon and their storm shield is fashioned from the hide of the very lizard they slayed to earn their place in the elite squad.

Got some time to paint and almost finished with the Sgt... Still need to do some highlights and then a wash... the lightning claws or as I call them on this model the "Lava Claws" are my first foray into wet blending... The picture is hard to see it, but I think they turned out alright.

TJ one last time; if you thought these were great, check out some of the other things 

happening on the NC Warhammer Gamers Facebook Group and if you liked those

Spellcrow bits, check them out here.

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