Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Indiana 40k Championship

For the MiGT we used Torrent of Fire.  On that I saw an upcoming GT in Indiana that I plan on attending.  I wanted to give it a quick shout out because I don't think a lot of people have heard of it in the Michigan area.  Let go down and take their trophy, boyz!

This is a two day 1850 nova format tournament being held November 2-3 in Lafayette, IN.  I've been talking with one of the organizers and it seems like they have their act together and it should be a pretty well put together event. So far they just need the numbers.  They are capped at 32 and have 21 so far.  I'd love to see it filled up so if you want to go, register here.

For terrain they are planning on having 10 pieces per table with some Line of Sight blocking!

Here is a statement one their documents page, stating their plan for a GT circuit in the Indianapolis area:

"In conjunction with the IndyOpen we are developing a GT circuit for Indiana which will culminate in a yearly 40K State Championship. This year will be the inaugural Indiana championship! There will be three GTs throughout the year which lead up to the state championship. Doing well in these GTs can not only earn you a reduced fee for the State Championship, it could earn you a free entry if you place in the top 2 spots at any of them."

I'm very excited to see this come to fruition.  I would like to hit as many of the circuit stops as I can.  They listed off four involved, including the well established Indy Open which I missed last year because I was planning on attending adepticon (and never ended up going to that either!).  Not this year. I'll see you guys in Indy!

Lastly, they have mission one up.  Check it out.  Register.  Come out and have what sounds like its going to get a good time.  I know I've got a weekend pass to be a nerd and I plan to enjoy every minute!

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  1. I will say it once, though it could have been said about previous GT announcements: when we announce a GT, it is to help draw people who are Iikely to be interested to the event using our 60,000+ unique monthly page views. It helps people out who run these events out of pocket (and it sucks for them when events don't fill up) - so with that being said, GT announcements are not a place to wax poetic about how you don't like (or understand) GTs or the competitive side of 40k or prize support etc., nor is it a place to argue when those comments come up, no matter who you are. When people search these events and find this post and are making a decision on whether or not to attend, I don't think that conversation is what they showed up for. Also, how rude is it to crap on a GT in an announcement post? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but have some home training.