Sunday, August 25, 2013

MIGT: Michigan GT Sept 28-29; Everything You Need to Know!

The Michigan GT will be held September 28-29 at the Best Western at 6820 S Cedar St, Lansing MI. This is a 2 day, 6 round event using a battle points system. Included in scoring, outside of your game-play, will be painting and sportsmanship. From these score we will determine multiple winners.  I can honestly say prizes are looking juicy, though we haven't finalized anything exactly at this point.  It should end up standardized like: Best General, Best Overall, Best Painted, ect.

This event is being run by Bill Kim, Jeff Crawley, Chris Vinton with a special mention to our IT manager, Eric Samson and terrain engineer Jesse Zischke. Between the group we have over 40 years of 40k experience and hundreds of local and large tournament attendances ( and quite a few we have run) that we will be drawing on to bring YOU the best GT we can.

Entry is $50 and you can enter at our website,  We have a convention rate of $88.50/night for those that are interested in staying at the hotel. I can’t say to how many rooms are still available, if any, but its worth looking into if you plan on staying there. Phone number is 517-694-8123 or click here for the hotel website.

This year we plan on having space for 64 people and to date we have 42 participants! We’re very pleased with the registration so far, especially for a first year event and especially for being so far out from the date of the event. Registrations have been pretty steady since we announced it and after our recent push in advertising the event.

Several stores are having primers; off hand I know Flat Land Games will be holding a primer on September 14th and there are a few other sponsors talking about having some but I haven't heard final word.  Keep an eye out and if you are planning on having one we're happy to put it on the website and here to advertise it.  .

Our sponsor turn out has been extremely generous. We have raised over $3000 in prize support from our sponsors. We had no idea we could generate this much support in the community and can’t speak enough about the businesses and individuals who are supporting this event. We are still open for sponsors and those interested can check out the sponsorship tab on our website for more details.

To give credit to those sponsors, please take a second to check out their websites, facebook pages or brick and mortar stores; Flat Land Games, Pandemonium, Patterson Veterinary Hospital, Evolution Games, DGS Games, Game Room, AFK games, Gamers Sanctuary, Shenanigans, RIW hobbies, KR Multi Case and Secret Weapon.

We have all 6 of our primer missions on the MIGT website now and they are free to download, play with and use for primers. Be sure to check those out to get a feel for how the missions will be for the GT.

Another big event that we have is the charity auction: Mike Loniewski of Dark Future Games (Fly Molo) will be raffling a fully painted Chaos army with 100% of the proceeds going to the Allen Neighborhood Center. The neighborhood center does a bunch of events and other good things for the Allen St neighborhood, such as running the farmers market, community garden and providing food assistance to residents of the neighborhood. He is still willing to put more into the army and several private individuals have donated to the army. If you are interested you can contact him at

Our rules can be found here.  Pretty generic but need to be written down so everyone knows what is expected.  Also, our painting score guide can be found here.  Our hope is to have no surprises for anyone and thus want to be as transparent as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions related to any aspect of the GT.  Check out the website for updates as well as back here.


  1. Couple of questions:

    Any vendors going to be there?
    Is there an Armies on Parade Showing for the painting and what time would that be?
    What time is the Charity Auction?

    I might be able to spare an hour or two (plus driving time) to check the event out so would want to time my stop in well.

  2. Flat Land Games will have a vendor spot there all weekend.

    No armies on Parade that we've discussed but people will have their armies on some sort of board I imagine, though I don't think it's required. But usually armies that are pretty that you'll want to see people will have out on boards.

    Charity auction will be sometime on sunday, most likely during awards at the end of the tournament.