Monday, July 1, 2013

Unique, Alternative Tyranid Bits from Epoch Studioz

TJ here with a post brought to you by one of our Facebook posters. I was pointed toward Epoch Studioz recently and found some really great alternative heads, weapons (including TL devourer solutions), plates, pods and more. Let's take a look at what they have to offer the expecting broodmothers out there.

So the head above is one of about five different head selections that all come in different sizes. Many of them are some variation of the Aliens theme, which could be pretty cool on either an army or a select few models within a force.

They also carry what I think is the best mass market Spore Pod I have seen. This thing fits the tyranid style and if I could paint one more tyranid model, I would paint one of these, because those details are screaming for a brush.

There are also plenty of bases for those who would like to have that bio-digested planet feel to their army.

Here is where we start getting into some really cool stuff, these are chimney stacks. Basically, you can saw off the existing chimneys and place these unique looking ones on your models. I think this is pretty cool as it could help some of those really special bugs in your army stand out.

Now, every after market bits guy carries bone swords of some variety, but Epoch has tons to choose from. I won't show them all here but if you follow the link at the end of the article, you will find plenty.

Like I said, plenty!

This is one of the more unique head options available.

This is one of the solutions for the twin linked devourer. More than likely you will do a little work with the hobby knife and the putty, but in the end this weapon may make it worth it.

The same can be said for these really unique and deadly looking claws.

There is also a lash whip alternative.

and even some alternate scything talons ...

That really isn't the end though, there are egg sacs of various sizes to either use as wound markers or maybe even spore mines. There are amor plates like the ones above and plenty of stuff out there for the Tyranid hobbyist who really considers himself a completist.

So that is all I am going to show you, check out Epoch Studioz for more. If I was still pushing the Nids around, I would certainly be picking up some of this stuff and if I ever do a one off commission for the Tyranids, I will certainly suggest my client shops here. Check them out at this link!


  1. wow- thanks for the link! Wouldn't have known else!

  2. That spore pod it pretty nice. It is kind of a surprise to me that so many of the ones on the market just seem out of place and are just plain bad. I would actually field those if I had a nid army.