Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Donation Army Update

Of, relating to, or derived from living matter.

Fly Molo back again with an update. That first line is the definition of "organic," and it is important to this project. This project is now organic. It has faces, a name, parts and it is truly living matter. I set out with a plan and I am now watching that plan change and grow... and that's okay! Its like planting vines next to a trellis: I can lay the framework on where I want the vines to go, but if they don't cooperate, then they don't. And that's okay.

I started with an army list and after my first couple of serious donations, the plan has already changed. I am sticking with Chaos but the them is quickly becoming "The Forces of Chaos" instead of Thousand Sons/Tzeentch.

This is a good thing because the doors of artistic freedom are about to be blowed-the-frick-off.
I need to give a big THANK YOU out to Evolution Games for the Chaos Battle Force. This is seriously getting the party started with a bang. I'm working organically with what I have and I still feel the artistic pull to the Thousand Sons right now, so I imagine that something that the Lord of Change would smile upon...

The second big THANK YOU is for Michael Ovsenik for donating a box of Chaos stuff. Oh man, what a cornucopia of all things Chaos. In it, a couple of old Rhinos, three metal Obliterators (!!!), a Chaos Lord, a Great Unclean One (!!!),  a beast of Nurgle, Warpsmith, Dark Apostle and various Chaos Marines. Holy smokes!
I currently have most of this stuff in Simple Green and will get to work on it shortly.

I did get some actual work done last night. Here is that progress.

I finished the Daemon Prince and a 9-man Thousand Sons squad out of the Chaos Marines from the battle force, plus some of my own personal bits. The Thousand Sons box that GW makes always seemed a little too Egyptian for me and a little cost prohibitive. My muse was pulling me toward a 1k Sons squad, so I just let it take me. First, I grabbed my favorite Chaos Marine head. I happened to have 7 more in my bits box to go along with the two from the battle force. Next, I grabbed as many front torsos that I could find that had the front skirt/groin guard/chain mail thing. They come on the Chaos Vehicle upgrade sprues and the champion sprue from the Chaos Space Marines frames. Lastly, I found as many of the Tzeentch champion pads I could find. I only found four :-\ but that's okay. I might decal (who the heck uses those?!) or free hand some stuff on the other guys.
On to assembly!
Oh and by the by, so far on these models, every unit will have some sort of conversion work on it. That's worth noting, right?
These are the assembled new Thousand Sons Rubric Marines with a Sorcerer, and the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. The Prince has a Tzeentch icon on his left shoulder pad.
The bases won't be permanent. My guys are barely attached with a dab of superglue. I plan on popping them off when I get some wicked bases donated for the whole army. I also used some liquid green stuff on the Prince.
Primed up and ready for paint.

The most current plan has me doing one of the Rhinos up as their ride, along with three Tzeentch Obliterators. When those are all assembled and primed, I will do all of these models in a blue/gold theme. From there, I will build and paint up the Nurgle Daemons portion of the force. Hopefully at that point, I'll have more models coming in.

And to keep things current, all progress will have an updated list of thank-yous and contributors!

Evolution Games
Michael Ovsenik
... Lindsey Loniewski

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