Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Gift

Fly Molo here again, attempting to bring a little goodness to your day.
That's been a new thing of mine lately. Not so much the being good thing, but attempting to bring that good to as many people as I can. I think that's a noble thing to do and it is something that I want to be able to draw from my entire life as a source of positivity. Alas, this is a Warhammer blog.

It sure is!

The idea: Do good while having fun. How? I want to raise money for a good cause. I want to do this by channeling my obsessiveness over all things Warhammer into the aforementioned good cause. I have to hammer out a lot more details but these are the basics:

1. Decide on an army and army list.
2. Contact local game stores, online groups, gamers-at-large and other online retailers to solicit donations (either money or product) and inform them of my plan.
3. Construct and paint said army to a high standard.
4. Sell raffle tickets to anyone who will buy them.
5. Raffle off the army and other things I solicited from the places listed above.
6. Take all of the money made and donate it to the good cause.
7. Blog about the entire process.
8. Inspire others to do great things.

Does this idea have any legs? Can this be done?
Any obvious things need to be changed?

On to the good cause. There's a great group in Lansing called the Allen Neighborhood Center. They are located on the east side on Kalamazoo. They run a farmer's market there, they run community gardens, they support local healthy eating and are run by one of the most amazing people I have ever met, Joan Nelson.
They are a non-profit that does amazing work. I figure every dollar I make for them is a dollar that goes to local organic food. Each bite of local organic food is a bite of food that will nourish a local resident. Each dollar will actively fight cancer, obesity and heart disease. That seems like a good cause. In the future, depending the on the level of success, I'll look into other good causes (and I would love to hear your suggestions).
So on to you Warhammer folks, what army should I make? What about an 1850 list? Which one would generate the most interest? Paint schemes? Let me hear it.


  1. Its been done, before with great success! I bet you'll have people signing up in no time. You could even make it a collective army building experience if the army is big enough and doesn't need to be to cohesive. People could paint a unit and donate it. Though that concept tends to work best for Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard and others that aren't as uniform as tau or space marines, of course with allies you could bypass that hurdle too...I look forward to how this evolves :)

  2. I know someone who is interested in being one of your donors, but they need a way to contact you other than posting openly to your blog. They are insistent that it would be an anonymous donation.

    1. is my email. When I get the plan into further phases, I'll put up a Paypal button too to make stuff like that a lot easier! Thanks!

  3. Allen Neighborhood Center is a great group. Good luck.