Sunday, September 23, 2012

Games Day UK 2012 Post 1: Angron, New Models and More

 Old School here with a massive post featuring photos our trusted friend has grabbed for us from Games Day UK 2012. In this post, we will look at Angron's stats, New models from Forge World and more, so let's take a look!

As I took a look at the first of the photos in the drop box, I was struck by the awesome scenes from Istvaan III they had set for the event. How awesome is it to see the famous scenes from Heresy come to life in models specifically designed for that era?

Angron charging the breach at the front of his traitor sons! Why would he be scared of a few loyalists when he is rocking these stats:

Very sneaky sir!

Honestly, this continues on the chain of Forge World rules that really impress me. The rules are great and reflect what you would expect on the table, though he is not unkillable by any means. At 400 points, he also puts a dent in your army, but for the chance to field primarchs, I would drop as many points as possible. As a long-time Heresy fan, this truly is an exiting time to be in the hobby!

Legion Specific Contemptor Dreads are in the pipeline! 

When they released the pre-heresy heavy weapon kits last year, I was underwhelmed by the old school heavy bolter ... they just made up for it with these awesome, drum-fed pieces of perfection!

More great stuff for the World Eaters!

Another scene featuring the former Warhounds.

Basically, the next roll of photos will be pre-heresy scenes, enjoy!

... This makes me want to run a pre-heresy army and get the book. I think this would be a great game to play with friends around the house.

Alright, back to the action with the Death Guard, one of my personal favorite legions. The tactical squad looks great.

The armor has always impressed me but some of these upgrades really make individuals stand out.

 The Death Guard Contemptor

As I look at the Death Guard, I really want to see what the studio does with Mortarion in terms of the model and the rules. I am sure he will be great, but I really want to see how the model just looks and how they plan to display his traits through his rules. I also just want to see him on the field with his personal body guard.

More of those great termies we saw earlier this week.

Not being at the event is frustrating, since I have no idea what this scene is. My guess would be Abbadon.

The Emperor's Children also have some representation. They look great in these more muted tones and I hope they make a Saul model!

The Sons of Horus look great (despite the fact that I really don't like their colors) and now that we know Loken made it into the rules, I am hoping a model will come down the pipe shortly.

 Here are a few more great pr-heresy shots. We will bring you another post tonight with more pics from the event, but I really wanted to get these out.

A big thanks to our friend who took the shots. The connections we make in this hobby allow us to bring stuff like this to our readers. With that being said. What do you all think of what we have seen here?


  1. Awesome, I am so tempted to switch my gaming focus to 30k it isn't even funny!

  2. I feel the same way. I really would love to shift focus to that era and I really am contemplating it.

  3. The scene you can't identify is an early WIP sculpt of Abaddon vs Loken

  4. My mind has been blown. I am buying a 30k army. Thanks FtF for the info!

    1. Good for you. It's only £57 for 10 space marines armed with bolters, after all... oh wait, plus 12% postage (£6.84) so £63.84 in total. For one squad.

    2. That scene in the books is one of my all-time favorite book moments in any series. Can't wait to see it fully sculpted.

    3. @eddie, one of the things we will be doing on this blog as this goes on is look at alternatives to some of the more expensive options. Also though, it's an expensive hobby and FW stuff commands a premium. At the end of the day, yeah, I will buy it. It's expensive but this is my hobby.

  5. Many many thanks for all those wonderfull pictures !
    I'm the webmaster of the french website and i shall like asking you for the authorization to publish your photos on my website.
    Of course, courtesy of Dark Future Gaming and a link to your blog will be done.

    1. You certainly may. Thank you for asking.

    2. Thanks a lot ! Here is my article :

  6. Also, thanks to Deff Meks on Warseer, Zedmeister on Dakka and Flammerwerfen13 on the Lounge for helping get the word out with your kind links.

  7. The price is a real sticker though. What is it over 100 dollars for the rules. Plus about 10+ dollars a marine. I guess that is how GW knows we will pay any price and can keep increasing the prices.

    They are really nice though. I am very tempted but have essentially drop 40K as I did not want to pay 75 dollars for rules and 50 dollars for codexes at this time. But a smattering of ancient armor in my battle company and command units would be pretty cool. Curse you GW.

  8. This is why I've slowly been accumulating Heresy Era stuff from FW for the past year or so... Salamanders Legion here I come!!!

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