Monday, August 8, 2011

It Came From The Forums Alaric Cantonain's Ork /Tyranid Zybrids!! You Gotta See It To Believe It!

Old School here with another edition of It Came From the Forums. This time, we are taking a look at a very creative army that has bred ork with Tyranid into a race the galaxy could never possibly survive: The Zybrids! Let's take a look at this amazing army!

I have taken photos straight from the forum, so if the photos don't get as big as you like them when you click on them here, just follow the link at the bottom of the article.

I couldn't open with the dread and not show you more of it right away. More than just glueing parts together, the artist added details showing how the parts are bolted on and not only that, it looks great from the conversion to the color selection, this is pro work!

What goes better with Tyranids than Ultra Marine Tyranid hunters (look in the 4th ed codex new jacks). These guys and their battle wagon are perfect.

And just what the hell is this?

 ... Looted Warriors and Raveners as Killa Kanz! Orks can loot anything.

No Zybrid force would be complete without Genestealork Komandos.

Da Boyz. I have to take a moment and say that the conversion work on these heads and the genestealorks above is awesome and seamless.

And they don't just loot warriors, either.

This force also has its share of awesome characters like this 'Uge Friggin Guy and ...

... and the Mad Mek here. Holy crap, that is a great airship. I don't know what it counts as, but it is serious, whatever it is!

Of course, the Ultra Boyz need a hero as well. Who better than an ork with a Dreadnought force weapon for an arm.

As cool as this warboss is, he doesn't have anything on this Big Bug stompa below ...

... words do not describe ...

Just to prove that he isn't just good at hybrid models, his project log is full of great Ork conversions and paint jobs beyond the zybrids. Whether or not you want to see clean work or Zybrids, there is way more to this artist than what I showed off here, so hit up his thread for the Zybrids here and see where it takes you. Just watch out for the gribblies!


  1. Love every single picture so much.

  2. NID STOMPA! .................(my life no longer has meaning.....)

  3. I am absolutely loving this army, really imaginative!

  4. That conversion work is just amazing and the painting is just as good. Alaric Cantonain must be some sort of mad genius. I approve!

    "This force also has its share of awesome characters like this 'Uge Friggin Guy"

    I was leaning more towards the serial crusher theory myself. (I'm assuming that was a reference and not just coincidence. Either way I give you +1 internets.)

  5. Don't get me wrong, these things are awesome, but some seem to have looted tyranid parts, some seem to be ork/tyranid hybrids. Odd.

    Cool though. Crazy cool in fact. Those Genestealork commando's heads are crazy freaky though.

  6. Dem iz sum ded ard boyz. Da Waaaaagh! neds em

    I really like the dread and the looted warriors. Good find man!

  7. Glad to provide the artist's work to a larger audience. He has such a huge range of work. CVinton and I were in awe of it for a good two hours one day. He may just get a whole spotlight, so everyone can see his incredible Necrons and more.

  8. If you want to peek at this madman's huge collection, here is his blog with plenty of crazy stuffs, and the explanation behind this Zybrid/looters combined force :

    (in French though, but you can still try the google translate tool included on the right)

  9. I plan to actually post more of his work next week

  10. @Old School
    I didn't realize "incredible" and "necrons" could go in the same sentence without bad in there. Now im interested to see these crons

  11. Wow, many thanks for all these congratulations... I don't know what to say.

    This army is a real trip for me, with a lot of mad ideas coming. I take ideas like looted carnifex on the web, and some conversions are the idea of Curis (Ninjabread).

    The future of the Kult Genestealork will be more incredible, if it's possible, I got some surprises for you...

  12. I stand corrected after looking at some more of his work. Damn fine work Alaric

  13. Alaric,

    You are THE BOSS when it comes to custom conversions and imagination. I would love to interview you for a series we call "Artist of the Week" although, we don't do it weekly as much, so perhaps "Artist of the Month would be the best way to put it. Shoot an e-mail to if you are interested.

  14. Ahem, I'm not really an artist you know, just a modest hobbyist. This webpage is yet enormous imo, really enough. "Artist of the month" : too much for me, I think. But it give me a lot of pleasure to see your thread about the Kult Genestealork. Thank you.

    Take a look on my blog sometime...
    Nurgle Mosquitoes coming soon !