Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday Night Adepticon and the Battle for Terra!

 Old School here from Adepticon and one of the first things we saw when we arrived was an amazing display of the Battle For Terra put on by Opposing Forces. The board had a mix of models we were amazed by last year and others that we had never seen before, including the battle between Sanguinius and the massive Khorne daemon (I think the name was K'bandha - fluff guys help me out).

The whole table is pretty out of control with LED laced wrecked vehicles and tons of pre-heresy models. Let's take a look at some of the photos.

 Mortarion leads the charge with a squad of Nurgle termies riding the maggots from Hitech miniatures - a great company, google them.
 Here are some sweet bike including the primarch of the White Scars! We saw these minis last year and they were impressive on their own, but on this board, they really stand out!
 This blurry photo (may have been drinking) is of the World Eaters with a wrecked rhino - the rhino had an Led and was very awesome (even if my photo isn't)
 The thousand sons were led by the usual Magnus Ronan model, but also by this impressive conversion of the Ultraforge Tzeentch daemon!

 An impressive Imperial Fists dreadnought drop pod!

 Impressive khorne daemons!

The World eaters flamers shooting assault marine is easily my favorite mini from the whole event so far. Just awesome.

Well since I am about to enter my first ever game of kill zone, I will end this post here. Many more posts are on their way. I would also like to end this with a group shot of all of us together in our snazzy new shirts, yut!


  1. Man I hope they have this at Games Day.

  2. This display board is made of pure awesome! I have seen it on their blog some days ago and was blown away. Absolutely one of the coolest things I have ever seen. A pity I cannot see it myself. So thanks for the photos!

  3. If at all possible, can you please get some more shots of the Sanguinius conversion, and find out what they did for it? That looks amazing, I'd love to make a mini-version as a Counts As Sanguinor.

  4. Those World Eaters are off the chain - love the blood spatters. Always wondered if you could use the expanding spray foam like that for something. Mortarion and his maggot-riders are wicked.

  5. Old School,

    I hoped you enjoyed your Dr. Pepper Cherry this morning.

    Anyways, that display truly is awesome. I personally am a big fan of the White Scars models on the board!

  6. Dr Pepper contributed to the recovery I made from my hang over, thank you. I will also try to get some info on Sanguinius.

  7. Awesome to meet you guys, very cool crew. See you next year!