Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Came From The Forums: Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootaz!

 With all the extra fun of local tourneys and big GTs in a lul for the moment, it is time to catch our breath and take a moment for one of our favorite series here: It Came From The Forums. I have had Orks on the brain lately, so it is only natural that I bust out one of my favorite project logs from Warseer: Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootaz - which is a log of freeboota and Kreig style Orks designed and painted by well-known artist Hortwerth. Let's take a look.
So the first pic is one I thought would be great to open this little gallery with. A Creed themed Ork is like a smack in the face to my arch-nemesis, the IG and also a hilarious ironic take on ork nature.

 Next up is this gaff weilding freeboota. For a quick tutorial on how this cap was done, make sure you click the link to the project log and explore there.

 Hortwerth really is the master of vehicles and it is clear in these great scratch build vehicles.

 Scratch built Kans too from back in the days before GW gave us good looking kans,

 Now here is a Warboss on bike that we haven't seen paint on yet, but it is amazing. Every bit of the Ork itself is sculpted or cut from card and is a masterpeice. Look at the log itself for WIP pics of the project and for up close pics such as the grot in the bike's crow's nest.

 Next up we have a mek and his shock attack gunn. I am sure you will agree, this is quite an orky and epic take on the gunn!

Kreig Ork themed pain boy and orderlies!

... and kreig themed Nobz. I love these skull helmets!

 ... and there is that Creed Ork again along with his gas mask boyz!

 With so much great paint and so much conversion work, it is hard to imagine that Hortwerth can do any better, but as you can see below, there is always more to come from Hortwerth.

For WIPs on how many of these models came to life, check out the project log on warseer. For more info on Hortwerth's commission work and his range of models, visit his Web site here. Well, that is it for now, if you have a great project log or know of one on the forums, shoot us a link and as always, we would love to hear what you think of this artist's work!


  1. Wow. What a characterful army! Thanks for shoveling coal on my already growing interest in orks!

  2. Let it burn baby! I am having trouble stopping myself from going Ork Krazy!

  3. These are ace, Hortwerth is just so flippin talented. I'll be passing these on for the attention of our groups Ork player, he'll be 'green' with envy lol...oh I crack myself up ;)

  4. Great greenskins, and I can totally see an Ork Boss trying to emulate Usarkar Creed. After all, he is THE tactical genius.

    Okay, why is that Stompa walking from behind an apartment block next to mine? Surely, this must be the work...