Friday, April 22, 2011

It Came From The Forums: Amazing Grey Knights by BulldogUK!

Old School here with a really great It Came From The Forums post tonight; BulldogUK of Bolter and Chainsword has set the bar for Grey Knight lovers out there and this amazing Grey Knights Titan is just the tip of the iceberg for one hell of an army.
What can I say, this titan is beyond the call of awesome ... the base with its crushed dragon, the nemesis weapons, the helmet ...

 ... I want some the performance enhancing drugs Bulldog must have been using to create such an amazing work of art (that is what this is). I am awestruck  ... my heretic eyes are bleeding all over the keyboard!

 And of course, no awesome titan worth its weight in platicard would be caught dead without a baller-style photoshop layout of it standing over it's smaller companions on the field of battle!

 But the fun doesn't stop there, this artist is skilled in both air and traditional brushes as we can see in these land raiders:

 The metal looks incredible and the weathering is right on point. I love how the reds and the pages fro the scriptures just pop out with vibrant color.

 What Grey Knight Grandmaster would march to war without a couple of ornate dreadnoughts? Not BulldogUK, he has two rather impressive "dead men walking"

 While we are on the D-words, let's take a quick peek at his dreadknight ... but as impressive as that is, it is no match for a Grey Knight Thunderhawk!

 Once again, his vehicle work is so tight. The soft color of the metals, the darkness around the panels and icons, the sharp contrast of the red ... not to mention the little blast effects on the weapons ...

 The Grey Knights never carry their own luggage, that is what henchmen are for and BulldogUK didn't spare his the best of his brush. Take a look at these inquisitorial vehicles and troopers; you will see he paid the same level of attention to detail to each one of these as he has his sacred knights.

 There is no doubt that Scibor was thinking of the ornate nature of the Grey Knights when he was making his Sci-Fi Knight range and BulldogUK has taken that to another level adding these bad boys to his Paladins.

 Coteaz and his posse of freaks, geeks and Holy-Rollers.

 A small sample of the artists grey knights complete with weapons effects. The actual project log has WAY more photos of his troops, his Paladins and well everything, but you have to get through this post to get to the link. Believe me, there is more to this army yet.

... Alright, I saved what I think is his best work for last ... the Storm Raven:

 I just think this is such an incredible and impressive model in terms of build and paint, only magnified by the great addition of the flying knights escorting the bird to its destination. Oh, and let's not forget the venerable cargo in the rear ...

Now I turn this over to you. Go check out more photos of this great army and read how he put it together and painted it and if you feel like it, tell him what you think of this beautiful army. I have certainly enjoyed it. Here is the link to BulldogUK's Project Log, enjoy!


  1. I've been checking out his website for a while. Tanks & Trolls. He's got so much more amazing stuff other than the Grey Knights. Sooooo many awesome scratchbuilt titans.

  2. That Stormraven is much better than the stock GW one, although the Dreadnought clamp idea and miniscule tail are still fail. Squinting my eyes a little, the oversized V-tail on the Thunderhawk makes more sense, aesthetically, than its little rudder.

    Nice work overall, especially that Titan!

  3. Phenomenal, quantity and quality, and more to the point plenty of inspiration.