Friday, February 4, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Marco Schulze's Hive Fleet Moloch!

 Old School here with tons of photos of what might be the best Hive themes I have ever seen. Of course I am talking about the work of Warpshadow's own Marco Schulze and his Hive Fleet Moloch. If you are wondering if you should click the "Read More" link, this gruesome creature above is only an objective marker in this fantastic army! Now let's take a look at the pics!

Like I said, the creature above is an objective marker and all I can say is that I want to super-size it and make it a Tervigon! It looks awesome, putrid and all I can think of is an army made of little maggots!
 If you thought that was bad, check out the Red Terror converted into the Maggot Tyrant. I love the weapon conversion, love the maggot body and I absolutley dig the putrid colors.
 For a size comparison, check it out next to this converted Tyrant Guard!
 I really like the crisp lines on the plating of this samauri-esque Tyrant Guard. What a great representation of the creature and what an awesome paintjob. I can only wonder what method and how much time it took to create the final product.

Tyranids each lifeforms and biomatter without prejudice, including children. If nothing would hasten a Space Marine or Guard player to take out a ravener, this certainly would.

 This conversion would make a perfect stand in for the Death Leaper. I love the elongated body and the truly alien nature of the whole thing. I hope GW's modellers are taking notes.

 One of my favorite things a Nid modeller can do is make subtle conversions - like the rending claws on this trygon. They look really good and seem so natural that you don't notice them at first. The base and pose also lend to the enormity of the model and the swift movement it is capable of on the table. The tail is a nice bonus and makes it look like a HUGE ravener!
 Genestealers ... just 'cause I love stealers!
 I wish I would have seen this before I made either of my Tyrannofexes! This Dactylis is a perfect model for the rupture cannon version of the fex.
 Here it is again at a different angle. It really looks like it has a 2+ save.
 Another shot of the Devourer version of the beast. The symbiotic weapon and riding beast theme work very well and I think it is both well executed and somewhat disgusting at the same time ... in a good way.
 ... and a more traditional look at the big gunfex. This time in a different Hive theme.
 and with that theme comes a whole other approach at the Nids, including this Lictor absorbing the information from a Guard Officer!
 and yet another lictor gleaning what knowledge it can from the unsuspecting Guard!

 A close up of the dissembodied head.

 Here is a nicely converted Tyrant with Forge World wings and some nasty claws.
and I will leave you with a Tyrant converted in a very aggresive stance. Something about it reminds me of Venom from Spider Man crouched after a landing.

Well, I broke a sweat, almost scraped my models and even passed out briefly after checking out this artist's work on Warpshadow ... and despite the side effects, I suggest you check it out here and comb the gallery for images I left out here. While you're there, don't be shy, tell Marco what you think!


  1. That Trygon makes the dark little evil thing inside me that smiles when children fall off their bicycles cackle with maniacal glee...

  2. Ok, the above comment wins. I'm really impressed by those Dactyli? Whatever, they fit the Tyrannofex to a T. Good find!

  3. Very nice. I love the sculpting on those first few.


  5. The Dactylis was actually a commission that I completed for Moloch. If you want to see more detail on it, it can be found here:

    The rest of my Tyranid conversions can be found here: