Sunday, January 30, 2011

The WarStore; a positive transaction review.

The warstore comes through again.

For those out there shopping online there has always been one place that I've heard nothing but good things about and here's another; The Warstore

I was shopping around on ebay and looking at land speeders and found the warstore seeling them for 17$ each. Of course the deep discount got me and I had to get them. However, I saw that it was the warstore selling them and I knew that they were a bits store more than a whole model store so before I committed I needed to know if this was the entire model or just part of the box.

The major conflict I had was that they had two Landspeeder Storm auctions, one titled "Land Speeder Storm w/pilot on spru" and one titled "Land Speeder Storm w/o Pilot." This made me think that they had one bit auction and one whole model auction. Unfortunately the pictures for either auction didn't load.

So, after emailing them I got a response back from them answering my very specific is-this-the-exact-thing-I-would-get-if-I-bought-it-NIB question saying yes, it is the complete model. Satisfied, I bought three.

A few days later they show up in the mail and not to my pessimistic surprise they were in fact only a land speeder storm and only a pilot. So I shot them an email asking them about the mix up and asking what we can do to fix it. They responding saying sorry, sending me a link, and saying that it was clearly indicated as to what the sale was comprised of. I responding by telling them I bought it off of ebay and not their website (the link they sent me) and that there wasn't a picture and that I had emailed them and asked specifically about what was in the auction. They didn't reply back right away (I found out later they were still trying to figure out what they wanted to do) and so I called and talked to a sales person who said they'd send out the remaining crew members and (the whole point of why these guys are awesome and why I'll go to them in the future) took responsibility.

I even offered to send the speeders back for the mix up. They said no, and insisted that it was no big deal.

The warstore is a pretty awesome place and in my opinion an honorable online dealer.

Go get some war at the warstore!


  1. The WarStore has always done right by me - one time I ordered a few bottles of paint along with my order, and a couple of them were the wrong ones. I sent them an email and they re-sent them, but one of them was STILL wrong - I emailed them again and they sent it next-day with a handwritten note of apology. I offered to send the extra paints back, they said don't worry about it.

  2. I've got nothing but good things to say about the Warstore. I miss the old days of free shipping over $75, but I can understand.

    Biggest problem I ever had was way back when the first big CSM multi-part kit was coming out - the one with eight guys, back in 3rd ed. Someone newer was filling orders, and I got the old 2nd ed 5-man crappy CSM boxes instead. A quick call led to an apology and the correct boxes out right away.

  3. I used the Warstore for a while to order green stuff and flock back when the FLGS was my garage and their service and shipping was great.