Monday, January 31, 2011

Death Guard Possessed Vindicator! Vomica Painted and Ready to Go!

Old School here with my next entry for the DFG Painting League; my Nurgle Vindicator! This vindicator was something I converted two years ago and while it has a couple little modeling flaws, it has always been close to my heart. Let's take a look at a few photos of this model ...
Before we get too far, I want to let you know that this model is a re-paint. Yes that's right. I was very new to painting when I converted this and was scared to touch it. With a few e-mails, it ended up in the hands of Goat Boy of BoLS fame, where it received it's first paintjob as seen in this photo:

As you can see. the Goat did a good job by the model and while it turned heads, I just can't abide running something in my army that I didn't put the brush to myself, especially when my own painting style is so different.

With that being said, I busted out the airbrush and with a couple fell strokes, primed the model with Vallejo Model Air's Olive Drab.

Following the first steps of the LBursley Death Guard tut, I then sprayed the model from a 45 degree angle from above with Plague Brown from Game Color. I then followed that up with a few sprays of Game Color Dead Flesh from directly above the model. This is where I broke away from the Bursley Method (though I do recommend it, as it is amazing).
From here, I added some rust with a healthy spray with Calthan foundation from GW, followed by Bestial Brown and Vermin Brown anywhere I thought rust should appear. Then I went back and sprayed all of the dead bodies and the fleshy possessed stuff with Tallarn Flesh. I then hand painted some camo uniforms and other details into the dead riding the plow and washed all of that section with Delvan Mud.

In the meantime, I sprayed the raised areas of the possessed boils (all over the tank) with some tentacle pink and then washed that with Baal Red, making sure to let a little run over so it looked like the flesh was Incorporated into the hull around it.
I then went back to all the rivets and gave each a dot of the old Chestnut Ink. I also hit some random rusty areas with a stippling of the Ink as well.
I then came back and ran a mix of orange Indian ink and Gryphonne Sepia over each rivet and dragged it down to create a weathered effect for the rust. I then added that to anywhere I thought rust might run down.
I came back and hit the chimneys with a black ink (shiny), then covered most of that with Chaos Black (sooty) to give the soot a color similar to what you'd find on a backfiring exhaust pipe.

All in all, I am very happy with how it came out, especially with the re-paint, though I must admit, it is time for a better model camera. The hull is a Phlegm green that gets darker as you move to the bottom of the tank and there are some gradients that I don't think translated well.

Despite that, I hope you all enjoy it almost as much as I do. I had a lot of fun converting this a couple years ago, I have had some fun playing it and I had some serious fun and learned some real lessons while painting it at long last.

This is now my second Kill Point for the League this week, putting me ahead of schedule!

Feedback is always welcome, so please let me know what you think of Vomica, the Possessed Nurgle Vindicator!


  1. dude...
    thats seriously disgusting...
    im loving it!
    how was that dozer done though, i mean, where all the bodies come from n such?
    shoulda taken a mold of it after you primed it, so all your dozer blades looked like that!
    sweet as paint job man, keep it up :D

  2. Great job, i just love those corpses piled up on the dozer blade! Genius!

  3. Beautifully creepy and very well executed! The gribbly bits are wicked good! Nice work mate.

  4. Fantastic Job. I love looking around at all the other blogs to find great inspiration! Great stuff.

  5. I am humbled that four accomplished painters like yourselves have such great things to say about my work. Thank you, gentlemen!

    @Meph, the bodies on the dozer blade come from the corpse cart kit. I saw them back when the kit first came out and bought it with winnings from an RTT victory. The terrified look on some of the faces combined with the brutality and the rats burrowing through the victims, made this a "must have" peice.

  6. Looks jawsome

    I'm slowly building a Death Guard army, plz2b making me one pronto