Thursday, November 25, 2010

It Came From the Forums: XenoBiotic's Blood Angel's Successors

 Old School here with (somewhat) Thanksgiving themed It Came From the Forums. This edition We look at Heresy Online's Xenobiotic and his Phoenix based Blood Angels successor chapter. Let's start the feast (tons of photos this time!) with the Death Company rhino above. The white and the weathering are amazing and on par with some of the best work i've seen on this forum, but on closer inspection ...

 It gets even BETTER! Just look at the freehand phoenixes around the corners of the X!
 Next up, we have a family photo of his Death Company, led by a bird-skull-headed Chaplain accompanied by the phoenix on his arm. This has it all for me as I really like the white armour, the chaplain conversion and the extra color and character added by his mythological bird friend!

Here is a multi-shot of his Sanguinary Priest, what really strikes me about this photo is the sword (the details are visible at the top of the photo - he freehanded a phoenix down the blade!

 His version of the much maligned Tycho - his forum thread includes a detailed tutorial on making items like the dead man's hand (really any augmetic) out of bloodletter hand, so if you have any interest in converting augmetics like this awesome hand, check out the link.

 Another death company Marine - I just couldn't resist, I love brutal models!

 On to the Tanks! First up is Xenobiotic's First Predator; the white and reds still stun me as they always have in his work, but I really find the massive, winged chapter symbol on this tank to be incredible, with even better close up shots on his thread in the forum.

 Another Predator and this one is my favorite as it has that fireburst/galactic swirl on the back ...
 ... with more phoenixes all over the place. The wings he painted on there are just ridiculously incredible and while it is almost a shame to weather it, the ash colored weathering is just the most completely appropriate shade I could imagine with the theme of the army!
 A shot of the firebird on the other side - and in case you haven't noticed - he also marbled the top area of the tank!
 Another example of marbling here, where he marbled an entire rhino! I also like the Baal Predator front section on the rhino.
 A winged sanguinary priest.
 A Librarian that I am sure we will see in the near future. I love the combination of the robed head with the artificer armour - looks great!
And I will leave you with a parting shot for this Turkey Day ... a veteran squad of Marines all with bird skull helmets (his thread has a tutorial on making them for you Raven Guard nuts out there). I cannot stress enough how awesome I think this army is and how great it is that Xenobiotic not only created it, but seeded the thread with tutorials on how he made some of the conversions. Xenobiotic is still active on this thread, so drop in and tell him what you think or ... leave your comments here, as I am contacting him to see if he will comment here! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Holy crap. This is top notch stuff. Would be hard to play that guy as I wouldn't be able to stop wanting to look at the awesome army :)

  2. Amazing stuff. I cannot imagine the time this took and the amount of pride you have in it.

  3. Well spotted. Those are some great miniatures. This really fits what Ron has been talking about recently over at FTW. There is a combination of quick and dirty painting alongside high levels of detailing.

    The parts that draw the eye are very well done, the rest is left sort of out-of-focus.

    I'll have to check out the thread in a few weeks to see how the Librarian turns out.

  4. Thanks for the link/heads-up, that's a fantastic army! To say it's reignited my Marine army is no overstatement! Reading through the whole thread also made me order the FW Masterclass painting guide for when I finally get around to working on my Guard. I also ordered various bits to use with my Marines. Bugger!

    CVinton - those aren't actually OST's miniatures, they're a showcase of a forum users fantastic force :)