Monday, November 8, 2010

Chapterhouse Studios New Skull Doors, Salamanders upgrades and more!

 Old School here with some pics from Chapterhouse Studios latest products. First up is the one that has me most exited - these skull themed Rhino doors. For $11 they make a rhino a little more on the pocket, but for the look, I for one am throwing some money down. These would be great for mortificators, silver skulls, Dark Angels, Death Company and of course, my favorite - ANYTHING CHAOS!!

 The next set of doors that caught my eye in their latest release is the new Salamander/Snake set. I wonder what CVinton will think of these - though I know he has eshewed the noble rhino for the more direct Drop Pod. We'll have to see whan he chimes in. I like them though.

If any of the stuff here has caught your eye and you haven't been there before (or if you haven't been there in a while), stop by Chapterhouse and check out their stuff. It looks like some Mantis Warriors pads are in the make, surely as an answer to the FW Badab exitement. Anyway, that is the GW alternative shout out, let's hear what you think!


  1. Dangit- all this stuff makes me want to go marines. Must resist... Dark Eldar too shiny!

  2. The troop doors are awesome. I love them. The only thing I'd try to do is make the arrow not look like it was just set on top of two doors but instead that it's two sections that come together to make the arrow.

    I love the side doors though, the touch pad is awesome and makes me think, " did they get that door to open back up once they were out??"

    I'm pretty meh about chapterhouses preheresty style stuff that has the house siding armor. But, as far as fitting into the line it does a great job and is a vast improvement on the design of their previous 'salamander' drake heads.

    The mantis warriors....really? Honestly?