Friday, October 1, 2010

Tattooed Bloodcrushers WIP and the return of Captain Obvious!

Old School here with a couple of unexpected photos that I found in my Inbox this morning; Captain Obvious's new Bloodcrushers in the WIP phase of their paintjobs.

For those of you who have not been following the blog forever, Captain Obvious was once our resident expert on all things Black Templar and Dark Eldar. Personal problems made him hang up the hobby for a while, which led to the Dark Kabal finding its way into SeerK's hands at Craftworld Lansing. Since then, Capt. Obvious has been lost in the Warp ... lost to all but those who were sensitive to the Warp's subtle movements.

It looks like Captain Obvious is back from the Warp and he has come to bring Hell back with him with his new Daemon army! I must say that I am totally impressed with the "tattoo" look on these bloodcrushers.

Here is what Obvious had to say about his inspiration for these models:
"While sitting on the couch, half-way through a dirty 30 of Miller High Life (the champaigne of beers), I noticed that most Bloodcrushers out there are missing something ... and then it came to me - the skin tattoos on Hellboy (google it if you don't know it). Anyway, the tattoos looked cool on Hellboy and they made the bloodcrushers stand-out"

I have to say that the tattoos are something I have not seen on BloodCrushers and I am exited to see these get finished and to see an old friend come back into the hobby again ... now if only I can get this kid writing again!