Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the 14th black crusade pics and a plan

Old school here, coming to you from the road via Droid. I just wanted to share some pics of my budding 14th Black Crusade. The 14th black crusade is my attempt to renew my creativity in my Black Legion and to build an army that fits the look and the army I want to run. Basically, my counts as. Haters go ahead and hate it, but it iS going to happen, so here are some of the first models.

Anyway, the first army I plan to do counts as is the space wolves. The forge world models you see riding juggernaghts there are wolf lords on thunder wolves. I picked these guys for no other reason than fw zerks on plastic juggers are awesome, so expect to see many of them. The black legion marine you see in the middle is a repainted model from my early painting days. It felt good to get him a proper paintjob and to give him some graffiti on his armor. I always loved the graffiti on the rogue trader marines, so I figured I would work it into my legion. Now, obviously, the standard bolter guy is universal, so he will fill in for grey hunters, tac dudes ect.

The terminator are all set up to run aS either chaos terminators or wolfguard. All the models you see here will be finished soon as well as the revamp of a few dozen more black legion, my counts as model for lysander/arjac and more before I move on to the illuminati, an elite branch of aspiring sorcerers that count as grey knights. I will also build and show off some more useful counts as like dark apostles for chaplain and reclusiachs and plenty of black legion lord. So, rejoice brothers, the slavery of your codex to the false emperor ends soon. Oh, yeah, I also plan to do some fluff entries here to replace loyalist drivel from the codices.
One more word from the road. I will be visiting my very first flgs this week, toy soldier in amesbury Massachusetts. So if you are a local, shoot me a comment to set up a game. Other than that I hope the pics turned out and feedback OS always welcome.

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