Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Stuff Sculpt, Part 1! Amazing HD video!

Here is the first of a six part series on how I've sculpted one aspect of a diorama on the side of my Salamanders Land Raider. More to come as I get them converted and uploaded. I just had to start pulling the veil back from my secret projects since OST has been hinting at what I've been up to for weeks.


  1. Very impressive and long awaited, Chris. Thanks for posting this. For those of you watching this, This represents the Emperor and Vulcan on their hunting expedition from the fluff. I love the mythological approach, but I don't want to reveal anything else except that the folks at Adepticon are going to be taking lots of photos when they pass by what they see on the board.

    My question is ... was there audio? It would be awesome to have some voice over naration.

  2. I'm working to that, for now, there will be music. I forgot to sync some music to it for the first one, but do not fear, there will at least be noise in the future instead of 10 min of silence. I'll work on getting some fade in and out music and voice, but I really just want to get this out on the blogsphere for now. Plenty of awesome videos in my future to use those tech skills on.


    Seriously, I've watched those 10 minutes whitout a blink of an eye! Even when the video was mute, I just put some smashing pumpiks songs on the background and enjoyed all the video to the end.

    I really wait for the next ones!!

    I want MOAR!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow- amazing work you've done there! Definitely sheds some light on how to up one's game. Thanks!

  5. Wow! Really looking forward to seeing where you guys are going with this. Impressive stuff!