Monday, October 11, 2010

Green Stuff: Layering tips

Hey everyone! I'm starting work on my salamanders army and the first place I'm starting is my Land Raider. Today I looked around at what to do for it as far as icons go and since this is vulkan's personal rider (with his termy homies) I needed to spice it up.

So, we that said I needed to put an icon on the front and decided to go with the above image. What follows is the step by step layers I used to create it.

The important thing to remember when making icons, or banners or whatever with GS is that it needs to be done in steps. So take a look at how I worked the layers from back to front to create this image. Between each photo the GS was baked to have it firm up. If I hadn't done that it would have been absolutely impossible to do (for me).

To start out, I measured the top door hatch to the Raider and mapped it on a piece of glass. Then I printed out the appropriate sized picture and taped it to the back as a guide to follow.

After it was done, I just baked it a final time, let it cool and then scraped it off carefully with a razor. Viola!


  1. Man, that is amazing! I mean, you just really started using green stuff not that long ago, and you're already making stuff like this! Keep up the spectacular work!


  2. VERY nice GS work there! I am, of course, slightly biased but I also approve of your army choice. :)

  3. The force is strong with this one. I am very impressed by your use of the green stuff sir. this latest project is very nice.

    are you using metal, wood, or plastic sculpting tools?

  4. Very nice! I was wondering how I was going to do some Nurgle/Death Guard icons for my new Chaos Marine army. This will help lots, Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    Let me know if you need anything help generating ideas on how to do what your need for your death guard/nurgle army Slipwing.

    Chosen1- I'll keep you posted on my salamanders project. I'm really hoping to make it my swan song of loyalist armies and impress some of the big kids at Adepticon with it.

    seer- I use the metal tools. I had a good site to buy them that I wanted to link in this, but I can't for the life of me find were I wrote it down at. For now, most of the tools in this image: ( are the ones I use, predominately the spade/smoother one that is the sixth one from the left. Next time I stop by the shop on wednesday or saturday I'll bring them all in for you to get an idea of what to look for.

    And thanks again everyone for reading and following the blog!

  6. (expert, very small tools)

  7. Very nice!
    Thank you for sharing, amazing.
    The idea of baking greenstuff is a great tip, I had never even known it could be done.
    Can we get some particulars on your baking of it?
    What temp did you back it at?

    thanks again for sharing!

    Dave Pak

  8. Great idea, I use English lions on my rhino's and have been hand painting them.

    Have you ever tried to cast these in resin once you've created one.

  9. I have no idea nor do I really want to venture into casting. I'd gladly freelance scuplt for casters (with purchase of creative material ect.) but as far as jumping into casting...I'd love to, but I just don't really want to.

    Give me a picture of what you're painting on there and I'll put it in line for my to-do list to make a relief of it.

    Baking. 170 for 4ish minutes. If it turns poop green/brown and gets spongy you're doing it for too long/too high. The flame wreath and horns were baked too high and they started to get that way. It'll expand if you do it wrong and ruin your scuplt. I just leave my oven on.

    I did this icon in about 4 hours while doing another scuplt I am yet to reveal for Vulkan's pimpin' xhibit ride. Stay tuned!

  10. Excellent gs stuff there sir! I'm looking to get into more of it, and this tip'll definitely help. Thanks!

  11. thanks for the tips. I take it there is no problem with the glass in the oven