Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Storm Troopers: We might be expensive... but damn we are good.

Alright, so it has been awhile since I have posted any review posts, and I had left my posting at the most critical time for me... with Stormtroopers on the talking block.

So lets get right down into it:


As far as elite choices go for Imperial Guard, we have quite a group of choices out there, each one designed to be unique and style changing. This is no exception with Storm troopers, they have some cool special rules so lets talk about em:

Deep Strike: We all know how nice this can be, but paired with AP 3 weapons like the stormtroopers have alongside their ability to have two special weapons, it can get nasty.

Special Operations: This is a special rule which consists of three unique rules to the stormtroopers, they are:

  1. Reconnaissance: Gives them Scouts and Move Through Cover (a lovely thing to have when facing a board with lots of terrain or armies that like to come in reserves)

  2. Airborne Assault: Give the STS the ability to re-roll scatter dice when Deep Striking (No words need to be spoken on how useful this is, we have all shared the pain of hitting terrain or other units.)

  3. Behind Enemy Lines: Grants Infiltrate and pinning weapons the first time they shoot. (A great option here, especially when used in conjunction with Psyker Battle Squad)

As for equipment the Storm Troopers have hot-shot lasguns which are STR 3 AP 3 with a short 18 inch range and are rapid fire. Though some might question the problems of STR 3, the AP 3 more than makes up for it, besides they also are equiped with CCW and a hot-shot laspistol making them one of the most effective CC squads we have, where their lower str in CC is made up for by number attacks. I have seen this effectively used against space marines more than once and also against Nids. They also have the ability to grab 2 of the following: Plasma Gun, Flamer, Meltagun, Grenade Launcher along with having a chimera upgrade to put them in.

They start at a base number of 5 in a squad but can be added up to make into 10, the sgt having the ability to have a power weapon, plasma pistol or bolt pistol/gun. Personally I find the Powerweapon upgrade nice to have, and the plasma not a bad idea, though the point cost for it are a bit high for the payout.

Over all the Stormtroopers may be a bit expensive in some eyes, but when used properly they can create deadly chaos in the opponent ranks, or (for example) as I have seen happen, and done take down a Trygon in a single round of shooting all by themselves.

So if you are an IG player, and have not taken a good look at these guys, or given them a good tryout, I really would recommend them as they have been the MVP in more than one of my matches, and always seem to come close to making up their points, or at least providing a valuable distraction.

Oh by the way, all the pictures are of my very own Storm Troopers from my Death Korps Of Krieg. Feel free to let me know what you think about those too.

And until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...



  1. Welcome back LSS and great article! I seem to remember you telling me one 'Ard Boyz game "I brought Stromtroopers, this obviously isn't my competitive list" right before they appeared and rocked a full squad of Zerks in cover with the help of creed.

  2. an interesting fact is that if they take a chimera it also gains the scout rules so can outflank or make a scout move inside it. this works very well with scouting vets in valkyries for a lethal alpha strike.

  3. I played with them once and they definitely can earn their points back really easily.

    I remember how awesome it was to deep striken them behind some pathfinders who were using the wall in front of them for their stupid 2+, but didn't have a wall behind them! MUAHHAHAHAHA (IG tactics, what??)

    Also, I've wanted to play a themed vendetta/stormtrooper list ever since I read redemption corps. I just have so much else on my plate to do.

    Also, steve, you cheating bastard, tell me how exactly did creed help you mow down some berzerkers?! I hope you made them reroll cover saves and not took an extra shot.... You know its hard enough to convince people you're still a decent person even though you play guard that we guard players don't need your cheatiness!! :)

  4. Also, I've always loved how your DKOK look.

  5. It was the Re-roll cover. I had to do a double take when I saw your "loved how your DKOK look" it looked much dirtier at first glance.

  6. LMAO@ Old School

    For sure i was wondering the same thing.

    As for what I used, it was most definitely re-roll successful cover saves. Leaving poor ol' Abaddon with his hoohaa in the wind.

  7. Yes, only to have his hoohaa smacked a turn later and though he did make a guard squad run in terror, he also died to shooting - the only time that has happened - what a disgraceful way for the Warmaster to die, but not to fear, the 14th Black Crusade began last night on my painting table and all will know the wrath of the Black Legion soon enough!

  8. I love Stormies, I just don't seem to find myself bringing them out all that often anymore. Maybe it's because I never got that second meltagun painted up... anyway, the Stormies in a Chimera tactic that Atr_127 mentioned is legit. Gives the enemy something to worry about in their home turf, keeping the gun line safe. You can also just go for a straight Scout move, going for a first/second turn melting frenzy.

    If you're interested in some more tactics with the Glory Boys (and enjoy shameless self promotion), check out my blog:

  9. In the fluff, aren't they the illegitimate offspring of officers? If it's not them, its some choice in the IG codex that is comprised mostly of these bastards.

  10. In the fluff of the codex they are the orphaned sons of imperial officials such as planetary governors or high ranking Imperial Guard or Navy

  11. Awesome. That reason enough to love them! They come from broken homes!!