Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Community Question: How do YOU stop Tervigons effectively?

Gewaltatron commented on the Tervigon Tactics article here, with a question: "ok nice summary. But as a non-nids-player, what is the downside of this monster. how to stop it effectively?"
Now, my first inclination is to answer the question myself and move on, but once I dropped my comment off, I thought that the best way to get him the answer from multiple perspectives was to pose a question to the community - afterall, there are generals of every strip out there who have fought the tervigon! Why not here what the community has to say. Now I hate to think of things in a bubble, so when you answer please note a situation where you have spanked a momma bug and what kind of list it was hanging out in, that way we can see how you dealt with it in relation to the army that it ran with - this way we can all grab some insight.
I now turn it over to you. How do you effectively stop the tervigon or the two tervigon list.


  1. In my games so far, the Tervigon usually takes itself out of the picture. Rolling doubles on 3 dice isn't too rare. The one time he was a big deal, pooping troops onto an objective, I sent my Redeemer at him. Out pops 5 Terminators and a Reclusiarch. The 'gon and 'gaunts were done before the end of that turn.

  2. Same way I stop everything else... lots and lots of gunfire...


    However it is partially true, my preferred weapon against many of the Tyranid monstrous creatures is something many a Imperial Guard player glosses over now.

    Storm Troopers

    with their STR 3 guns some might think I am crazy but, if you play your cards rights, and have a nice 24 inch range order to give them like twin linked vs monsterous creatures... well... wounding on a 6 isnt so bad when you hit nearly all your shots... and with either two meltas (or better yet against Nids two plasma guns) I have taken down a Trygon, and therefore it would have taken a Tervigon, down in a single squad shooting it... with a wound to spare.

    Even if i had taken it down to one wound, that leaves plenty of fire to take it down. The key is to use those orders I have available properly.

  3. Damn Jaws! Drop pod priest = dead tervi every time!

  4. Hmm. is a Pair of exorcist salvos (1D6 Str8 AP1 shots) too much? followed by a few Autocannon shots?

    that's how I deal with them using WH.

    Then Immolators move in to clean up the Gaunts.

  5. hahahaha ... that'll do it. That's also a good way to deal with those deepstriking trygons!

  6. Drop Priest is cool and awesome until he lands inside SitW range. And he WILL die on the Tyranid turn, since you just sat him right next to the entire force of the best CC army in the game.

    Killing the Tervigon itself is generally the best solution- which may seem obvious, but realize how many people talk about the flood of Gaunts, etc, ignoring the fact that Big Momma takes out most of her broods when she dies.

    Shooting her works quite well if you've got good long-range AP3, like Lascannons or Missiles. Six wounds is a lot, but with no cover and no invuln a lot of the time, it can go away pretty quickly. I disagree with Lord Solar Steve, above, as S3 guns (or even S4, like Sternguard) simply does not cut it- a MC's main defense against infantry shooting and melee is being wounded on sixes; when shots get through to their save, they are no tougher than a Marine. This is why Hellfire Rounds (or other poisoned attacks) are very useful against them.

    Tervigons tend to be rather middling in melee as well, although it's good to remember that they're still MCs with A3, so charging a Tactical squad into them isn't going to work. However, a Power Fist will very quickly ruin their day, as will other high-str attacks that ignore saves (Relic Blades, etc.) Blood Angels can even do reasonable damage to them with normal attacks, since they're S5 on the charge- just make sure you finish them with that charge or you're stuck in and wounding on sixes like everyone else. Of course, dealing with the Gaunt swarm around her can be a problem, but once the Tervigon is killed, the Gaunts are far, far less threatening.