Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary: Week 3

((Sorry it has taken me so long to get this one up, have been busy and the shop has been crazy as well with EoD tourny.))

Week 3:

1000Z Ship Time

Got some bad news today. Seem a sliver from a hive fleet has broken off and is headed towards the planet. Primaris Psyker Zahleed was dispatched to a unit of Grey Knights to head down to the planet and scout ahead, we have been asked to be on call for the duration of this operation. My men are recovered from the last outing, and not losing anyone helped keep morale up. However This next mission scares me, 'Nids are nothing to be cocky about.

1500Z Ship Time

We've got the call and are headed to the teleporter. As dangerous as this is, we have been given special equipment to help us land where we need to, but Emperor save us if we still miss the target zone... I don't want to be stuck in the warp.

1530Z Ship Time

We have landed, right next to a monster, from the files it looks like it might be The Swarmlord itself. However it seems some of the bombardment from the ship injured it or was still recovering from another battle when we arrived but who would have been fighting it? I order the men to fire, quickly bringing this creature to its knees and a melta gun slides through its body cutting it in half, the cheer from the men is short lived however as a from behind we are assaulted by some sort of creatures, my men draw their blades and fight back in a flurry, the horror of the bugs ripping apart my men is lost to my mind as I fight for my life, cutting through their ranks with my power sword, the bodies of friend and foe beginning to pile up.

I hear the distant sounds of autocannon fire along with some multi-laser batteries. It seems some scout sentinals had been dispatched to assist in the assault. However over the comms i hear the cries of a the Grey Knights and Zahleed as they are attempting to kill a monster that came from the depths. Though someone keeps saying something about it "being in their head" but his voice doesn't last long before it is cut off in a strangle of death.

Gouts of flame erupt in the distance as well, it seems there is a hellhound or two, and perhaps from the look of that gas cloud, a banewolf as well. Then to my left an eruption is heard, a large chaotic blast, and over the comms i hear the muttering of "Got your back, Sir" before the channel goes silent again... was he talking to me? Was one of my men alive from our first mission on this forsaken world?

My spirits begin to rise for a moment, but then I see what must surely be my oncoming doom. A creature beyond side slams down to the earth, and though I would turn my guns and my mens upon it, we are to tied up in our struggle to be able. It did not take long for the beast to work its way to us. It quickly ate through the ranks, and I knew I was next... If I can just get...

~buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The data recorder goes silent for all but the distant sounds of battle for what seems like hours. Then an unfamiliar voice is heard through the mic.~

Ha! Knew those fucking bugs couldn't get the best of you Sarge.... Can't go up to the ship with ya... but I will just activate this rescue beacon for you... and they will pick you up and patch nice and good....

~It went silent again for a long time, until it was cut off as a valkyrie touched down and a a medicae unit found the body, pulling it back inside.~

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