Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knights of Blood Furioso Librarian Dread done for Damian!

Old School here with some shots of the Knights of Blood Furioso Librarian Dreadnought that Damian won from me during the Super Blog Chain Give-Away.
I finished this model a few days ago, but the crazy Blogger-outage kept me from posting it. Now that it's up, let's take a quick run through the model.

For those of you who saw the conversion post, you already know how it was built, so I won't drudge on about it. Paintwise, I took the model down a cleaner route than I originally planned. There was something less pleasing to the eye about how the model originallt began to turn out, so I took the "techmarine treats this one special" route and made him a bit cleaner. I ended up using the shape of the leg guards as a perfect excuse to fit in the Knights of Blood Iconography, all the scrollwork as an excuse to bust out the Micron pen and managed to throw some white trim in there as a nod to the color scheme of the rest of Damian's army.

Up top, you can see the script work on the book as well as the script work below the horned skull. The book was done with the micron pen, while the scroll was done with a brush - you can be the judge, but the ease of the Micron effect works well for me, especially when it came to all the scroll work on the weapon!

Alright, we all remember the big, over-the-top halberd. I really love this weapon on this model and it screams "I insta-kill Trygons!" I chose the green lightening effects for the blade and the eyes based on Damian's current Librarian and just took it to the dreadnought level. It is hard to get from the photos, but the dread is looking up at the blade with glowing green eyes - as if he is controlling or igniting the energy in the blade.

Here is one final look at the dread. Damian's blog is called Tales From the Warzone and is just one of his incredible sites. He has been hammering out Knights of Blood for some time now and I am only glad to have something to contribute to his work. Damian, I hope you like it - shoot me your info and I will ship it to you right away!


  1. Great conversion work! I especially like the shoulder pad with the book on it.

  2. Another fine job. Truly exceptional work. "I insta-kill Tyrgons" is classic. You should have written that on the weapon's scrollwork. ;)

  3. That thing is a brute. The axe is over the top. That axe screams I insta kill tyrants son

  4. Damn I love it and I can't wait to see how it looks when it arrives!

    Let me know if you got my details when I mailed them to you.

    This is going to be the centre piece of my army I think!

    It should be a good match for my Blood Talon Dreadnought.