Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WIP on the dirty Asdrubael Vect

It doesn't seem like its the nature of this blog to do work in progress' but since I'm new I get FNG leniency.

This is my chain tut in action. Cpt. Obvious asked me to do some GS work on his raider for Asdrubael Vect. OST put on some corps cart bits and I'm just chaining them up so that any poor soul who stands in their way see the cruel and twisted fates they'll soon be sharing with these lesser beings.

Anyhow, heres my progress:

I'm going to do two more chains coming down for sort of the mid line. You'll see when I get it done. I'll update with more pics as they come along but back to homework for now. 3 exams this week, awesome.



  1. Looks Pretty awesome from where I am sitting dude, it does have a 'You Souls will be dragged back to hell' sort of feel. I like it. :-D


  2. I very much dig conversions with the corpse cart bodies. It does seem like you could use a few more chains to hold all of those guys up though. :)

  3. Thanks!

    It's hard to tell from the pictures but I mapped out the lines where I'll be putting more. The leg that sticks out on the lower left side will have a chain wrapped around it. It's going to look pretty sweet imo. I'll keep the pictures coming, thanks for the encouragment!!

  4. Looks like my army has a new center piece ;) Thanks for the help Vinton

  5. I guess that's what happens when you fly low in a city in a skimmer shaped like a knife.

    The chains look good, though I wonder if more might be needed.

    Keep up the pictures. I like finished pictures for the pretty aspect, but there's something to be said for WIP shots showing the process as it grows.

  6. Man, thats an intense piece of work right there. Well done

  7. That looks amazing, you make me want to go back and completely redo my Asdrubael Vect to make him more of a centerpiece as well. I can't wait to see this when its finished!

  8. I... want my mommy. ;_;
    But seriously - nice!