Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tower of Skulls Progress! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Old School here with some updates on the Tower of Skulls. The tower is structurally done and while it will require some superficial work to make the conversion whole, it is looking good so far!
On the other hand, my secondary camera is not doing so well.

Minus the incredibly washed out flash, this is how the inside was constructed. I used the lascannon sponsons I had in my bitz box to create the guns in the upper tower, then used a combination system of grey stuff and pinning materials to firmly anchor them into the bottom of the window sill of the tower. The seems on the inside of the tower were all re-enforced with grey stuff and super-glue to both fill and seal the cracks.

With that all done the last three wall sections were glued and pinned into place, leaving me with a solid tower only missing it's top. By the way the skull-spewing daemon face on the front is from the Ogre Kingdoms line and can be bitz ordered from Horde O Bitz on Ebay!

Finally, I used Grey Stuff, Superglue, Yes a couple posicle sticks and more superglue to get a hard core section of plastic card into place to hold the roof in place and to act as a platform for the section of resin skull road I am using (from armour cast). Believe it or not, the uneven shape is intentional and you will have to trust me for now because I am far from finished!
This project will be finished on Saturday for my client, who plans to paint this himself. Once I am done, I will take all of my progress shots including many that you have not seen here, properly photoshop them and put together a comprehensive How To Guide for building a Tower of Skulls under the least favorable conditions! Feedback is appreciated and it is not too late for good ideas!


  1. What's the plan for the chassis of this beast? Tower looks good. Would like to see how your client paints it.

  2. I wondered where this thing disappeared to. It's shaping up quite nicely.

    Thanks for the tidbit on where you got the bit. I've purchased from Horde of Bitz before myself, but you have to be careful, because everything looks so cheap, but before you know it you're up to your ears in bitz! Maybe I can risk it all to pick up that nifty ogre-kingdoms demon though...

    Pray tell, are you planning on building up the rim on the top and turning it into some sort of bubbling cauldron of skulls?

  3. Looking good man, can't wait to see the guide on this one.

    Out of curiosity, how does the grey stuff work for you? I've only ever used green stuff and haven't really done much of that, the most I've used is on the Daemon Prince in my blog.


  4. Thanks for all the comments guys. The Grey Stuff to me is just a firmer Green Stuff. I would never want to do straight sculpting with it, but because it holds so well and dries so firm, I like using it for intensive projects and on some larger metal models.
    From a sculpting standpoint, I generally use green stuff on minis and if I need to sculpt a really hard edge, I find that applying a small amount of grey stuff to the exact spot the corner will be, gives me a material that can be sanded a little neater and hold a solid edge without the flaking and rubberyness of Green Stuff.

  5. That looks great! I love to see good sculpting. I'd be excited to see it painted up!

  6. This is going to be a beast by the time it's finished. I've only just started to play with the CoD stuff but I can see that there's lots of potential for them. Keep us updated mate.

    @Draz - Don't get any ideas mate!

  7. Haha. As it happens I have emailed GW as you suggested (although not heard back from the yet) about the Scorpion and this, as they had a guide for making one.

    All in good time. However, there will be only one target for all Chaos creations now, and he has a lunchbox. :-p