Saturday, February 27, 2010

Artist of the Week: Spikey Bits' MBG!

Artist of the Week is back by popular demand and in a new home here on Saturdays. It kind of got lost for a couple weeks with all the "Snomeggedon" and Computers crashing, but the readers have spoken and It is back and there is no better artist in my mind to start this back up than one from the Blogosphere: Of course I am talking about MBG at Spikey Bitz!
Check out these conversions and the paintjobs that accompany them! If any of these photos peeked your interest, check out his blog at:
You can find some great stuff there, from Water-born Slithering Tyranid conversions, to Orky vehicular madness and plenty more. My hat is off to you Rob! Please check out his work and leave him the feedback he deserves!

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  1. I used the same head on a some chaos marines I am building right now, I love it!

    twitter: rpthomps