Thursday, January 14, 2010

Khorne Tower of Skulls WIP! The Cannon!

Old School here with some news from the Khorne Tower of Skulls Conversion! I started working on the main cannon. The pipe that makes up the cannon is a 1/2 inch wide PVC pipe I picked up at Lowe's for a $1. It was a few inches too long, so I had to bust out the Saw Zaw and use a really sharp blade to cut it (if you try this be careful, without a vise the blade can jump and if it does it can cut through your wrist like butter and then you'll have to explain to your wife why she will have to paint all your minis from now on).
Anyway, once I had the pipe cut to the desired length, I built the front section of the 1st floor wall (oh yeah, it's gonna be a 2-story deal!). This gave me an idea of what I wanted to do. Next, I screwed around for about an hour with all manner of spiky bits and tried to sculpt a skull face for the cannon, but nothing seemed to fit the image in my head ... and then I went out to the garage and while I was looking for some obscur bitz, I came across an old Spawn action figure called Raven Spawn. I quickly stripped him of all spikes and went immediately to work.
I began the conversion by covering the surface of the PVC with a "skin" made of a thin layer of Grey Stuff (another GF modelling putty). By laying down super glue before applying the skin, I was able to get a firm and instant bond. I then made sure to make as deep and as many finger prints as possible (WHAT!?). Yes, I did this to have a surface that can easily bond with more putty. I then broke up the spikes, made another super glue/grey stuff sandwhich on the bottom side of them and applied them to the surface of the cannon. I left some good areas in between the spiked sections because my next move is to add some guitar string and some Green stuff muscle tissue and veins to add to the possessed/biomechanical nature of the cannon that I have going so far.
That is all for now ... don't worry about the rubber bands they are just there to hold the spikes exactly where I want them as the grey stuff cures. Feed back is encouraged and greatly appreciated!

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