Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dark Eldar Squads of Death!

Captain Obvious here,

Ok, so I took a small break, Captain Obvious is back once again to fill you in on some Dark Eldar info that I stumbled across last night. It’s almost as if Games Workshop has some Nostradamus person working for them because this almost seems as if it was designed for countering and detouring drop pods.
After fully re-reading my codex, which I have done about 100 times now, I came across something inside the warrior squads that I never paid much attention to before. This addition, well not so much an addition, makes our little 110 pt warrior squads a serious glass battle hammer.
All you have to do is put 2 blasters in each warrior squad along with the 2 dark lances. So now basically anything that gets with in 12" of that 10 man squad will be taking 4 S8 AP2 lance hits. This is extremely effective against drop pod armies. Most people with their drop pods will want to get close because most drop in dreads on turn 1 to pop vehicles and heavy flame stuff. Most players will reconsider how close they position their dreadnaught to your dark lance squads seeing as just one squad has 4 chances to pop anything.
Most people who drop pod a few dreads in turn 1 claim that they expect them to be 1 trick ponies. Drop in turn 1 pop a vehicle and die the next turn. Reality is that only like 25% of them actually plan on them being dead in the enemies following turn. They always (most of the ones I know) still bank on them being alive to wreak havoc on your front lines a few turns while his force moves up and eventually smashes into your already weakened force.
When you throw 2 blasters in your sniper squads it basically puts a 12" circle around your warrior squads that no vehicles or MC wants to step into. No one likes an army that can dump of 20+ S8 AP2 Lance weapons and multiple targets. As normal and questions, complaints, and comments are welcome.
Bring on your Ironclads and your spore transported fexes!
The pic is a photo of the new sculpts by Jes Goodwin.


  1. A few problems with this theory. 1st off like you said drop pods will be comming very close. Generally it's close enough to double tap since they won't be chargin you anyway. This leads to about 20 strength 4 shots coming to ruin your day since we do not have anything like a deamon hunters mystic ability to shoot deepstrikers. 20 shots is good enough to wipe a 10 man sniper squad or at least make them take morale for taking 25% casualties.

    Sniper squads are generally good if you have a free 100 points lying around but if the get deep struck onto they are done IMO.

  2. Oh and those are not jes's models. They are tests done a few years back and check warseer for who did them. They are definatly not jes's work though

  3. Snap ... anyway, Obvious usually (since he decided not to answer) mounts everything in raiders, so while the bolters may releive the squad of their transport, they will get hurt the next turn, but it is like Obvious said, the usual suspects are dreads and for them to cripple a raider and then get killed by the squad is expensive for the enemy, doesn't really deny the DE of their ranged weapons and also is a general embarrassment for the ancient veteran entombed within the machine:D I would like to see what Obvious says, but that is my take on it.

  4. Ok you seemed to miss the point. This is to counter drop pods and dreads. If you drop pod a tac. squad on Dark eldar your making a huge mistake. It wouldnt be hard for me to just do a 180 on my retinue and assault that tac squad which will die in usually about 1 turn. And if for some reason that drop podding tac squad wants to rapid fire all its shots into my sniper squad they just played into my whole list. If you are worrying about our sniper squads you are making a huge mistake. All sniper squads are is a cheap.....EXTREMLY cheap dark lance delivery system.