Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chapterhouse Studios designs on the horizon: Predator, SM bitz coming

Here is latest from their home page:


First up is a regular "tactical" arrow shoulder pad, somehow we forgot this pad when we were doing our numbered "tactical" "assault" and "devastator" shoulder pads. This one completes the set and will be a unnumbered arrow. MSRP $1.00

The next shoulder pad is a saw blade shoulder pad. This pad will have a serrated saw blade as the central icon. Very handy for Flesh Tearer marines. MSRP $1.00

We also have some small pewter drops. These are handy bits for jewels or as blood drops. Great to glue onto marine torsos for Blood Angel chest or you can combine them with our saw blade shoulder pads to make a Flesh Tearer icon.

We have a Celtic storm or combat shield coming up this month as well, that has plenty of space for a freehand icon or a decal. We will use this shield as a template for many future shields (look for 2 Wolf shields in a month or so that will look good in Space Wolf armies). MSRP $2.00


In the resin area we have some nice conversion kits coming out.

We have an Armored Predator Space Marine resin kit coming out. This will be a heavy armor front panel (with your choice of center or right side driver compartment). Also this kit will have reactive armor plating that can be glued and cut to size for adding to your favorite Predator Tank. MSRP $8-9.99

Next up is the MKI Space Marine Rhino Conversion Kit. Do you miss that old MKI Rhino look, but only have MKII rhinos? This kit has the front panels, the side doors as well as the vents to make your current Rhino kit look like the old Rhino from the early 90s. MSRP $16.50

We are releasing Armored Droppod Panels. These are totally different then our Salamander Droppod Panels in style. The style is very similar to our Armored Rhino Kit, and it will be the canvas for some future Droppod kits as well as the upcoming Wolf Droppod kit that will look great on Space Wolf Droppods. MSRP $3.00 each

Last but not least is an addition to the Snake accessories that work so well for Iron Snake space marines. The Iron Snake space marine Rhino kit, this is a 8 piece conversion kit for the current Rhino kit. It will have a front panel, 2 side doors, a top hatch and 4 pieces of scaled armor. Great for "blinging" out Iron Snake, Alpha Legion or any serpent or chaos Marine armies. MSRP $16.50

Look for photos and an update on the listing for these in 2-3 weeks.


  1. how in the worllllld is that legal to say all that?

  2. I am not sure, so I just buy what I need when it comes out, so I at least I have it in case the end comes for them.

  3. These guys are basically pirates and are sure to be brought to book sooner or later. Free-riding crooks!

  4. Whatever, the bitz are awesome and maybe its the little smack GW needs to get their head in the game of supporting the hobby they invented.