Friday, December 25, 2009

Berserker Update: Alas Sicarius, I knew him well ...

Old School here and now that I am not puking, I have an update to my Zerk squad. This is my 8th berserker in the 8-man squad (I roll sacred numbers or not at all) and he is holding the head of a Space Marine Captain! I got the head (and the hand that he is holding it with from the Captain Sicarius blister. I think this is much cooler than Sicarius holding his helmet like some fancy lad; this makes it look like this zerk might be next in line for Aspiring Champion, truly fitting of the competitive and dog-eat-dog culture of the World Eaters! Enjoy the photos, I also included a group shot of the squad.


  1. Very nice work, though I'm a little offended by Sicarius' head being separated from his body.. =P

    That's a good book series, btw!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A worthy skull for the throne!