Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 7th Day of Khornemas! A Seven Foot Chainsword!

Old School here with the 7th installment of the 8 Days of Khornemas! The title says it all. I gave this zerk a seven foot chainsword. I figure from the fiction that a Space Marine in power armour is about 7 feet tall and as you can see from the last photo, the sword is as tall as a Space Marine.
I first saw this during a Google Images search that led me to a blog called The Miniature Side of Me. I really liked it and wanted to try it on my own, so I did. Matching the sword up is a real bitch and to top it off, I had to chop up four arms to get the proper arm length to fist mix. In the end I pulled it off with the help of a lot of pinning and a couple pinches of green stuff.
I didn't want him to look too static, so I gave him some running legs and used an Aquila from the Apoc sprue and covered it in hackmarks and bullet holes and finally pinned the zerk to it to make an interesting running stance - hopefully creating the feel that he is about to hack somebody in half. Let me know what you all think!
On the 7th Day of Khornemas the Blood God gave to me ... a seven foot chainsword, six bloody symbols, a flying f*#@ing madman, 4 possessed limbs, 3 severed skulls, 2 pistols packing, and a berserker somewhat leaping.

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