Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Abbadon conversion!

Old School here with a simple conversion to show off. I always thought that the Despoiler looked a little small in his pre-packaged state, so I wanted to make him bigger to fit the fluff that he is a big SoB. So I took his head, claw and sword hand and added them to the CSM Plastic Terminator Lord kit and took it a step further by adding him to a foam core base to look regal and commanding. Be on the look out for this model's WIP. If you have converted the Despoiler, send us a photo, we would be happy to post it!


  1. That's a pretty groovy looking Abbadabba conversion. Although I think his left arm should have been in a lower position, he is still kool.


  2. This is what my friend did.

    Do check it out. He's good.

  3. Wow, it is pretty close! Thanks for the link Alvin