Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Cause You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Captain Obvious here with a quick run down of the things I tend to see.
After a few months of gaming at our local store I have noticed a few things that tend to anger me or more so upset me. So it has led me to write this article called JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD. Some things may seem like a good idea, but I guarantee you they aren’t. Just because you can field Abbadon in a land raider by himself…….DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD. It’s a bad idea and will only get you laughed at by gamers of all ages and walks of life. Just because you CAN make a 900+ pt HQ squad doesn’t mean you should. Seriously I feel that there are only 3 command squads that should ever come close to 500 pts and those are Nob bikers, Dark Eldar Retinue, and a White Scars Command Squad. In my opinion, this is one based on years of playing and watching others play, those are the only 3 because they are nasty and can hold their own against anything.

Now on to the next thing that I see all the time and it completely pisses me off; POWER GAMERS. Some know what it is and some don’t so here’s a fast run down of what a power gamer is. A power gamer is a person who only cares about winning; they will always run the cheesiest lists and insist that it’s not cheese. Power gamers are the people who when you ask them to play they will reply with “What are you running?” then they will sit down for about 15mins and build a list just to beat your army. Not sure about you guys but I build take all lists….lists you would take to a tournament ready to fight anyone. This is how I play, I don’t play to completely stomp every person I play with a list designed specifically to beat theirs.
Sometimes I feel it’s so bad to the point where I have to bring both my armies (Black Templar and Dark Eldar). When someone who is a power gamer asks me what I'm running I tell them the Templars…..Then when we setup the Dark Eldar start deploying. I understand it’s cheap, but then again so is power gaming and building a list just to beat someone else’s list. Last guy I did this to he was so pissed. His exact words were “What those aren’t Templar, I didn’t make my list to fight Dark Eldar.” All I could do was laugh. Then he said to give him 10 mins so he could make a new list. I once again laughed and said “I’m sorry I don’t have time for that, your either going to play, or not.”

When my friends and I go to the FLGS to game we bring set lists. I always come with premade lists ranging from 500-1750pts of each army. All my lists are made to fight basically anyone, I have never nor will I ever design a list to fight just one single person. There is no fun in that……….it also requires 0 skill. So if you’re a Power Gamer and you are now butt hurt after reading this….Sit back take a deep breath………keep telling yourself that you are a good player and just continue to be the douche that you are. Or take what I have just posted to heart and attempt to change your ways…..get some tactical skills……make a take all list and run with it. Learn its strengths and its weaknesses and learn to MAKE IT WIN.

Captain Obvious Out.


  1. Last player that built his army to beat mine got a serious behind whooping, I took my Deathwing, so he took as much plasma weaponry as he could fit in 1000pts.

    Shame I take a Landraider in all my 1000pt games, he killed one terminator by the time I'd annihilated him.

  2. Bwhahaha. Who'd you do the Templar, DE switch to? Too funny. I'll see you tomorrow.

  3. I see this type of gamers too around my area. I am like you, pre-make all-comers lists. I even made 6 lists so that I can randomize which list to field infront of him before we play.

    It is sad that people go such length to win at games. I do admit that winning games does motivate you and boost your ego but winning at such only shuns people.

  4. well at least that 900+ HQ unit you speak of held up my Wraiths for a turn and a half...I guess 900 points wasn't enough, maybe he should have taken two. (Laughs)

  5. Power gamers ruin miniature gaming ... bottom line. They chase off new players, they stomp kids and casual players ... its bad for the FLGS and bad for the hobby in general. The reality is mini gaming ... especially GW's brand of it ... is an all encompassing hobby. Its about modeling and painting about the love of the back story and thematic armies. Tournament play/league play are the places for competitive gaming. Unless someone is specifically preparing for a tournament and they warn their opponents ... power gaming in pickup games is the worst type of douchebaggery. I really try to avoid gaming with real power gamers. That said everyone gets a little over zealous or overly anxious with a new codex or a new idea on occasion ... so I cut someone slack if they have a tool list ... but like you point out its pretty easy to spot the real power gamers ... usually they are the guys no one likes to play.