Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bringing more Dudes to the Fight; your thoughts ...

Goat Boy over at BoLS had a pretty good article here: Where he discussed the use of more troops. Now, before you go any further, he wasn't necessaritly talking about more troops, less transports (his revised list had plenty of transports), what he was talking about was more troop choices.
My question to you is two-fold; "Has the local gaming scene where you are made you more likely to add or subtract the amount of troop choices you take? How many troop choices do you usually field and at what points level?" Feel free to answer via comments and I will also have a poll available.


  1. Depending what army I have decides how many troops I take, for my Deathwing it's either 2 or three, World Eaters it's usually 3, sometimes 4. My Genestealers 4 or 5.

    It really depends on the armies strength, my World Eaters for example are all about chopping up my opponents models, so they care little about capturing objectives!

  2. I love spamming men! Imagine this, my first army was the Tyranids (now sold), 2nd army was Eldar which I never continued, 3rd army was Blood Angels that are all Jump Pack marines, 4th army was Orks! 5th was the CSM - Alpha Legion, and I use a minimum of 40 men in my army list.

    I'm thinking of a list to field 60 Chaos Space Marines where 20 of them will be in 2 Rhinos. Should be quite hilarious!

  3. For my eldar I usually field 3-5 troops choices, but my IG will only have 2-3 with 4 squads a piece. More units means more chances of grabbing objectives, but also mean more kill points.

    Nice Slaanesh coven BTW. ;)

  4. I play guard so I realy only need the two troop choices (my infintry platoon has 8 scoring units in it).

  5. I play CSM as my main army, so I tend to run 2 troop units under 1500 and 3 over 1500. That is really all I ever need. If I have more troop units than that, it is because I have taken summoned daemons.