Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Unclean One painting update 1

Old School Terminator here,
I finally started painting my Ultraforge Greater Plague Daemon and it can seem pretty daunting looking at all the little details that I am going to eventually have to address as I paint the basic scheme onto the model right now.
I decided to go with the basic skin tones of Dark, almost greyish green with a very purple tan color (looks mostly purple due to the camera for some reason). I think by the time the paintjob is done, it will tie together well with the pustules, open wounds and the guts. The idea is that the pustules will recieve layers of wash to make them look realistic, the wounds will get additional meaty shades and pinks added into them for the texture and the guts are sure to look foul.
I have left the armor, hooves, sword and eyes alone for right now and I know it is a terrible sight at the moment, but I want everyone to see how it progresses. I wish I would have posted the terrible looking initial painting photos I took when I was painting my daemon prince because it didn't even look like the same model when it was done. Anyway, let me know what you think so far, feedback is always appreciated.

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