Thursday, September 6, 2018

Uraka Forge World Khorne Daemon Prince Painted and Ready for War!

Here we go with more Khorne. I bought this Daemon Prince from my friend A-Aron who had started to paint this model before quitting Khorne. I picked him up and after years of admiring this model, finally put some paint down.

This model has a great amount of detail and harks back to a time that Forge World had where their Daemon models looked great and not silly (sorry, I think their Daemon models have fallen off in the last 5-6 years basically starting with Samus and the new Khorne stuff).

But this model has everything that made the Siege of Vraks such a good release.

Most of my Khorne Daemons have black skin with purple glaze over grey highlights, but A-Aron started this guy out red and I wanted to have some of his work on the model, so this guy will be unique in my army ... unless maybe I do my most recent Daemon Prince Conversion in red ... feedback would be influential here, so let me know.

Anyway, I am happy to be back and sharing my work in a longer format here. I can be found on Twitter at @TJAtwell and on Instagram at TJ_Atwell. Of course, I also can be found here and love to discuss the hobby in the comments.


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