Monday, March 9, 2015

Glottkin Maulerfiend Conversion Continues V: Ripped Flesh and Nearly Complete

TJ here with more of my latest project, which has been dubbed Gluttony, or keeping the zoo theme: Project Sex Panther (PSP). A lot more green stuff work has gone into this, so let's take a look at it.

Here I am teasing you with a giant hole in the last photo and now showing you something else. Don't worry we will get there.

The big push the last couple of weeks has been to give this guy a body and while he is generally supposed to look somewhat like a bag of smashed anuses, I want to make sure he has form, pustules and some gross texture.

So far, I am pleased with the effort.

Here we go; the big show. This rip has been sculpted by first making the ribs, then layering meat, then layering the torn flesh in separate sessions. 

Here is a much worse photo that makes it look like I did much less work haha. GS is all the same color and a lot of work just blends together. Don't worry, paint will save the day.

Here is the belly region, which needs a little bit more green stuff for blending areas and a little more burst skin effects near the belly.

Here is a shot with a different exposure.

The good news is that the small things are coming together. The flesh around cabling and various small details are coming together, which means the next update will finish this off and maybe, maybe ... add a legitimate base.

Lots of fun, despite a new college workload on top of work and kids and excuses, excuses, excuses ... though I must say that the lack of a local scene has slowed me down and allowed a focus on quality that I typically would have blasted though before to get models on the table. It does suck to have your hobby time reduced to 1/6 of your prior time though, but it makes me appreciate the work more and be selective about how I spend that hobby time.

As always, feedback is deeply appreciated and comments always welcome.


  1. JAYZUS TITTYFUCKING CHRIST! This thing is coming out AWESOME.

  2. Outstanding. Indeed nightmare animal. Perhaps only where there are large wounds, suggesting multiple layers of skin and flesh. But overall GREAT!!!. We're curious to see the finished painted piece, a lot of fun at work:-)

  3. I can't beat Ian's comment. This is daemontastic.

  4. TJ, it's work like this that really inspires me to do more on a hobby basis. Thanks for sharing and please send me pics when you are ready!

  5. Hey guys, I really do appreciate the kudos. I have just been tied up a lot lately checking out of one unit, prepping the move and saying good bye to friends. I am basically done building the model and the base though and will post the photos soon. Thanks for standing by DFG during the last year or so as ive been tossed about.