Monday, February 23, 2015

Warhammer/ Magic: The Gathering crossover: An appreciation for the arts!

TJ here to just share a moment of supreme crossover from CoolMiniorNot.  I have a feeling this artist is just getting started on crossovers like this! I hope so anyway!

The photo above is featured at the top of CMoN's Top 10 right now and for good reason. I think this sort of imagination and homage to two separate genres of nerd culture (ones that typically clash) is great and I cannot believe that the image above and the one below are a new concept.

As somebody who just got back into the card-flipping universe of Magic after a 17 year hiatus, I can tell you that strategically it has much of the appeal a competitive player would like to get in his tabletop experiences, the fluff has developed into a rich, ever-evolving background and the art, while not as interactive as building a mini, is still highly appealing.

I know that often we compete for space, attention and funds in LGS environments, but we are different sides on the same coin in my opinion and as somebody with an appreciation for both hobbies, I am glad work like this exists out there ... plus it just look incredibly cool! 

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  1. I'm with you, and I hope it inspires a lot more crossover. Even cards are physical objects after all, and the paint that goes over a 3D mini is more or less a single surface.

    On the subject of the competition for resources, it does make sense to be understanding. Even if there's little overlap in a single location, neither group might be there if the other wasn't making up the numbers, because the shop might then suffer, and other nodes in the supply webs, and maybe investment in the wider hobby in turn.