Monday, January 19, 2015

Chaos Biker/ Steed Sorcerer/ Lord: Back in the Saddle

TJ here to show off a model and talk about hopping back in the saddle. What better way to talk about the saddle than with a Chaos Lord or Sorc literally in the saddle of his counts-as bike/ steed? 

SO I took quite a long holiday break and got into some side hobbies like Hearthstone (feel free to ask me for my tag if interested in playing) and really just enjoyed some time off with the family. Admittedly, getting back to the hobby took some prodding as there isn't much incentive locally to work on models - that is to say that the scene within 3 hours of my house is dead. One store closed and the others either don't have 40k played at all or struggle to find 6 people to play in a tourney together. I make models to show them off and my venue for that in the real work is to play ... if I can't play, there isn't much to excite me to build real models.

That being said, I convinced myself that making models now is like putting money in the bank. Hopefully, I will get a return on my investment when I move to Maryland in the Summer.

Now, as far as the model goes. This is a little something I put together before I deployed and has been sitting on the shelf since a year ago. I knocked the dust off of the multi-purpose HQ model and got to work.

In true TJform, I have never painted a whole CSM model in this scheme (CSMas a model form, I have done princes and oblits ect.) and why not try it out while also on a mount with about as many possible texture options and color choices as you could ever have for this HQ? While I did struggle initially with my choices, I really enjoy how it turned out. It fits the color scheme of my other models for the army and suits the comic cell-shade style I have become known for.

The model itself is a kitbash of a ton of various kits from the bits box and really was something I threw together to make use of the drmatic cape, super-villian helmet and the tentacles. Once I laid those bits down, I just started looking for the next optimal peices to use to feature those parts.

The base is a stand in I made as I am looking to redo the majority of the bases for the army (you hear that base makers?iam looking to redo a whole army and feature the crap out of the whole army, so let's see those phones light up haha).

Since it has been so long, I want to show the model with some of my hounds (just imagine them as spawn for now)

and then again below with the oblits and the Typhus I made back in 2012.

Getting my hands on models and using a paintbrush again felt great and I knocked the dust off pretty easily (though I am looking for a way to reinvigorate my paints as many have dried up inside the pots). 

This got me looking back at my collection again and now I have a pair of Oblits almost painted up and I am also almost done with Carrion Daemon ... and I even have a little Glottkin Suprise on my modelling desk, so there is plenty in store from me coming.

As always, feedback in welcome. Let me know what you think of the Multipurpose HQ kitbash ... or just hit me up with battletags and paint reinvigorating advice ;)


  1. I'm a big fan of these colors. It's so vibrant! Definitely a novel take on the CSM's. The purple, yellows,and greens. Really nice choice!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes it is scary in the midphase but the scheme always works out in the end.

  2. Fantastic! I love the colors and the modified jetbike/stead - the tentacles are a nice addition.

  3. Very cool! Hang in there, as you said soon to move into an area with more 40ker's!

  4. Great use of the Nurgle plague fly things! Looks amazing, TJ!

  5. Great stuff. Love it. By the way, you might be interested in seeing that I recently completed my 3rd Nurglefiend...I made it different from the first two you showcased by experimenting with using the Maggoth Lord body instead of the Maulerfiend body.