Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It Came From the Forums Quickie: 40k Maggoth Maulerfiend Conversions from Lagrath!

TJ here with an It Came From the Forums quickie to show off some kitbashes brought to my attention by a reader and artist know as Lagrath at Bolter and Chainsword. We have talked previously about how these kits could theoretically make awesome models together, but he went and did it. He is the creator of an awesome pair of Maulerfiends that have been bashed with the Maggoth and also at the start of an incredible Nurgle project.

Let's take a look ...

Each of the fiends bears a head and a single arm from the Maggoth kit and one even shares the legs of the maggoth as its back legs.

Additionally, he has added some incredible base and some nice touches like the Nurgling from Typhus' kit.

Incorperating a rider is not something I have thought of or have really seen in a Maulerfiend conversion but now that I have seen it, I am a pretty big fan to say the least. Adding the fur in with the green stuff helps mate the pair seemlessly and makes for an imposing model that, thanks to the rider, would work very well artistically with daemon allies.

Here is a look at how the Maggoth back legs were incoperated into the maulerfiend. I really think sometimes that GWhas certain conversion opportunities in mind when they go to work (at least the sculptors might, haha).

I also believe there may be some Green Stuff Industries Tentacle Maker work in here, but I have not confirmed that.

Damn, I really just cannot get over how cool the kit looks like this. This may be my favorite iteration of this model in any converted form I have seen including my own mammoth.

Now, before you think this is all he has up his sleeve, I encourage you to follow the link to his thread at the bottom of this post and check out his zombies, cultists, oblits, sorcs and more. He is active and the thread will likely be updated often, so here is an opportunity to see some amazing work in action.

So for more of this growing force, check out an excellent thread here.

As always I encourage comment, but would rather see them encourage the artist in his thread, so please go cheer him on and let him know what you think!


  1. This is exactly why I was so excited when the endtime releases hit the web. I knew all the kitbashers would have a wonderful field day, and boy was I right...these are amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks everyone! Love all the enthusiasm. The Nurglefiends were way popular beyond my expectations since I posted them, so I have decided to try to make two more (but without buying another maggoth lord, just with 1 more maulerfiend kit). And yes, I used the GS Industries tentacle maker. The bases are from Secret Weapon. I just wish I was able to freehand sculpt mushrooms to match the ones on my bases...maybe I will keep practicing.

    Subscribe to my B&C thread for future updates! I have many projects nearly finished.

  3. Great work! I love the Nurgle stuff, as you know.

  4. Haha, thanks. I almost have the third Nurglefiend done, and I think it looks way cooler than either of the first two! This one uses the Maggoth Lord body instead...