Sunday, July 6, 2014

GW Alternative: 3rd Party Mechanicus/ Dark Mechanicus from Hi-Tech

TJ hee with another GW Alternative article, this time focused on Tech Priests, Servitors and other possibilities you could mine from the Hi-Tech Miniatures line. I have used there minis in the past and have a few mixed feelings, but generally like them very much. Let's take a look at a bunch of the Bio Tech Covenant and see how they can offer us some new and highly detailed choices for tech priests and other mechanicus (or henchmen) modeling.
The first model, above is Hexamis, who reminds me of the Magi from the SKULLZ tech priest set of yore. I love everything about the model except that big blank spot on top of the staff. Beyond that, the robes and cables and all seem very nice and fit the mechanicum theme.

Next up is Kesethron, the Pain Canalizer. What a name! In all seriousness, this model is in contention for my favorite of the group. I like the claw and the robes and pose. I also realli like the mechanical arms. They would make me nervous from some types of resin, but Hi-Tech's stuff is super durable and I have never had a broken piece from the models I own of theirs.

Here is a rear view. I just love that pack.

Next up is Necretex, another extra menacing tech priest type! I am a big fan overall of this model. I like that these models have an almost draconic looking pincer on the servo arms, which makes me immediately think "Cult of the Dragon"

The pack in this case uses the big and chunky design style of Hi-Tech and while it isn't my favorite, the model overall catches a pass for being really nice. BTW, the bases on these models are also sculpted and very nice!

Salvo. This is a pretty decent model. Not as nice in my opinion as the models above, but a good heavy weapon model for a counts as mech army, a mech themed oblit, a HB servitor ect.

Here he is from the front with that Chaos Star - Dark Mech all the way!

Another gun-servo type model and between the chest and the mysterious hooded face, I really like the model.

Now we get to Fav, who is terminator sized could fill a number of counts as roles or even full time duty in a mech force (though I think FW in this case has better offerings).

Another great modeling possibility for an alternative oblit or maybe a broadside in a mech themed ally. These come with different weapons but all look roughly the same.

next up we have the guys I am not so excited about, but will show you anyway. These are the gun servitor type models which could easily be AM or Guard (whatever the hell guard are called now, lol) heavy weapon platforms.

I like the treads, but dislike the chunky feel of the hull on the track.

These models also have awkward torsos that just seem kind of boxed in and basic.

Overall though, I think this is a great line to get into and after owning and playing with Hi Tech models for the last 2 years, I can say that the quality is excellent in terms of durability and look, just find what suits you and get it into your force. Each of these is a great showcase model in any case.

Check out more Hi-Tech HERE or like them on FB for their latest work.


  1. I recently purchased all five of the robed "Gearcult BioTech Covenant" miniatures (like the first four you reviewed here). I must say the quality of these miniatures is quite nice. I'm currently in the process of kit bashing them with other cyborg/bionic bits from various companies to make them represent a command squad for my Adeptus Mechanicus (count as Imperial Guard) army. I'd highly recommend them for anyone wanting to create an AdMech/Dark AdMech army, or anyone just needing some cool looking bionic guys in robes.

  2. Thank you for the review. This is what I was hoping for and our readers and I certainly thank for your honest opinion.