Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Angron Daemon Primarch Conversion: The Best I Have Seen!

TJ here to talk about something I have stumbled across during my travels on the internet and that is the greatest Angron Daemon Primarch conversion to date! Dakka' VonKessler has created something that is truly inspired! Let's take a look at this incredible conversion. Warning, large pics!

Anybody who knows anything about me, knows that I absolutely love large scale models and conversions, especially if they are huge monsters! This conversion had me jumping up and down on my military rack (bed) in excitement the moment I laid eyes on it! It is ripped straight from the imagination of the art of the Heresy!

The artist was kind enough to show off some of his inspiration, to include this imposing image.

... and the classic Angron Unbound image we all grew up with ...

From inspiration to reality is a long road and as a fellow massive monster converter, I wanted to take a look under the hood. VonKessler didn't disappoint! The simple plastic rod has been the base for many of my large joins and I am glad to see a truly talented artist who also uses the method.

Are those GSI tentacles I see? I would love to know!

I thought this was a great use for the skull cannon. I once tried to make an Angron back before I was fully confident in my plasticard or GS skills and the axe is where things started to fall apart. He solved the problem by using the shape of the cannon vs the scale of the conversion in a very clever way. My hat is off to you, sir.

As things come together we can see that this massive conversion has reached into many of the tricks conversion artists use and also dives into a diverse array of bits from GW's range.

Baby got back! Sorry I couldn't resist!

Finally, no model is complete without a base that matches the scale and skill level of the model and this base is no exception. Bravo!

For more of VK's conversion thread and for access to more of his great work, check out THIS LINK and let him know what you think!


  1. As one of DFG's resident World Eaters, I can only agree that this is a spectacular model worthy of our Primarch!

    I could possibly only have loved this model any more if it had used the other head from the Slaughterbrute kit: Choosing the six-eyed one frankly seems like a bit of a headscratcher to me. That small nitpick notwithstanding, though, it's just a fantastic piece. Thanks for sharing, TJ!

    1. I think the head from a hound of XAPHAN model would have been the absolute best match. I would have to see the scale though.

  2. Based on this thread it looks like it is quite possibly a Tentacle Maker he used.


    Looking at his other threads, this guy does some fantastic work!